Jul 28, 09 2:41pm

Goddammit. I wish I had a PS3... The game looks awesome. read more

Jul 16, 09 5:28am

Wow... I hate having Ninja Gaiden on the 360 now...
It's so lonely!!! read more

Jun 26, 09 9:39pm

Wow an easier Ninja Gaiden game? The world will end soon.
And toning down the violence form 11 to 1?
Ridiculous. read more

Jun 26, 09 9:37pm

I've always wondered how long it would take to take for the good songs and make them band friendly. read more

Jun 26, 09 7:01pm

Wow. I would never have expected those sites to crack under pressure.
But this shows the sheer number of fans he did... read more

Jun 26, 09 2:19am

Wow termination of data is harsh.
And according the kraftlos, if he's not being targeted by their supposed wrath, who is? read more

Jun 26, 09 2:16am

I saw this on Yahoo a couple of days ago.
Made me think that playing bowling without letting go would be hard.
And the... read more

Jun 25, 09 4:16pm
changed his avatar to avatar
Jun 25, 09 3:16am

When I read the title, I assumed it would implement math into the game. Like solving equations and stuff. Hmmm... A... read more

Jun 25, 09 2:40am

If the Neoseeker one looked better, I'd go for it. read more

Jun 22, 09 7:42pm

Awww, but I wanted to mutilate my avatar... read more

Jun 20, 09 1:04am

So what if the videos are complete garbage? (referencing the third paragraph)
I've actually seen several things on... read more

Jun 19, 09 7:03pm

The PS3 is still too expensive compared to the other systems. I remember going to get a next gen system, and was... read more

Jun 18, 09 10:07pm

And this is another reason why the ESRB is stupid. read more

Jun 16, 09 3:40am

Looks nice, can't wait to try it out. read more

Jun 10, 09 8:34pm

Yea... It does seem a bit too early for another Left 4 Dead game.
But if they really feel that strong about it then... read more

Jun 10, 09 7:24pm

Now, make it move and we can re-enact Gundam!
Without all that drama. read more

Jun 9, 09 12:01am

Interesting... I wonder how strongly companies will fight them off. read more

Jun 2, 09 10:59pm

Looks nice. But what about the people that can't download games for whatever reason? Seems unfair tbh. read more

May 23, 09 2:05am

His parent's failed. Addicts need to be weaned off of it. Not being thrown off cold turkey. This is a bit of the... read more

May 21, 09 11:47pm

I wonder what's next... read more

May 19, 09 12:00am

The list looks great. Will it use a similar peripheral to the DS' Guitar Hero? read more

May 15, 09 1:52am

This was pretty funny. Seems like they've never even talked to a woman, let alone try to help them. Why don't they... read more

May 14, 09 10:34pm

As eerie as ever! This looks great! read more

May 9, 09 3:23am

I liked the title: Sea of Dreams better. Seemed a lot more poetic.
But the multiplayer aspect looks interesting. read more