Goddammit. I wish I had a PS3... The game looks awesome. read more

Wow... I hate having Ninja Gaiden on the 360 now...
It's so lonely!!! read more

Wow an easier Ninja Gaiden game? The world will end soon.
And toning down the violence form 11 to 1?
Ridiculous. read more

I've always wondered how long it would take to take for the good songs and make them band friendly. read more

Wow. I would never have expected those sites to crack under pressure.
But this shows the sheer number of fans he did... read more

Wow termination of data is harsh.
And according the kraftlos, if he's not being targeted by their supposed wrath, who is? read more

I saw this on Yahoo a couple of days ago.
Made me think that playing bowling without letting go would be hard.
And the... read more

changed his avatar to avatar

When I read the title, I assumed it would implement math into the game. Like solving equations and stuff. Hmmm... A... read more

If the Neoseeker one looked better, I'd go for it. read more

So what if the videos are complete garbage? (referencing the third paragraph)
I've actually seen several things on... read more

The PS3 is still too expensive compared to the other systems. I remember going to get a next gen system, and was... read more

And this is another reason why the ESRB is stupid. read more

Yea... It does seem a bit too early for another Left 4 Dead game.
But if they really feel that strong about it then... read more

Now, make it move and we can re-enact Gundam!
Without all that drama. read more

Interesting... I wonder how strongly companies will fight them off. read more

Looks nice. But what about the people that can't download games for whatever reason? Seems unfair tbh. read more

His parent's failed. Addicts need to be weaned off of it. Not being thrown off cold turkey. This is a bit of the... read more

The list looks great. Will it use a similar peripheral to the DS' Guitar Hero? read more

This was pretty funny. Seems like they've never even talked to a woman, let alone try to help them. Why don't they... read more

I liked the title: Sea of Dreams better. Seemed a lot more poetic.
But the multiplayer aspect looks interesting. read more