Merry Christmas!

November 7. It's coming...

~no really......
Just felt like going on a signing spree. ^^ I'll see you around the forums like always, keep posting!

hit0kiri drugs are not cool i tried them once and i hated them
hit0kiri drugs are not cool i tried them once and i hated them [img] master04/c3s.bmp[/img]
Geez, I am so lazy when it comes to signing guestbooks. I did tell you that I would come and sign your's though.=D Anyways, thanks for all the tips and advice you gave me not too long ago. I havent really been working out or exercising as much lately though.;-; Damn life is too busy. Anyways, was nice talking to you, and....yeah, that's it.=P

I unleashed the evil and it trapped it me in the Abyss, and it sent her another world away. The demon saved me, but it asked for my soul. I gave it to him and he saved her, but I am just a shell, and she froze me in hate. After she left I found refuge in Sanity's Requeim. But the evil found me there, and I can't leave. The demon is just watching from above while the evil is eating me away.

I wish I had a cool stamp like your but I don't. Seeya on the H&F forum.
No hit0, don't do it! You're tearing me up with all this talk. I saw that you deleted all your profile and everything. You have so much going for you, what the Hell do you think you're doing? If you really go through with this, then you're just plain insane....but please don't do it. Life can be depressing, but it can all work out in the end if you give it a chance! I might as well not even try to talk you out of it..if you've made up your mind...but I'm just begging you don't!

Thanks for signing my g'book.....see you around lougnin i guess!

Now what to do with the character limit? hmmmmm........
Thanks for signing my guestbook. You're pretty cool to talk to about bands to. Well I'll see you around the forums.


Here's your damn signing, so stop pestering me.

Thanks for making me that banner (even though it's down most of the time ). I needed a change and other people I asked were taking way too long. Bout of lazyness going around methinks.

Cya around.

hey dispite our "Shakey" relationship you did do a good job at moding the counter-strike forum and i am... kinda... down to see you resign but hope you keep posting and playing
moo i noticed you signed my guestbook, so here ya go.

/me owns j00

maybe we can do some cs sometime.

fkfkfjf(it didnt meet the "requirded" ammount of characters so fjkhfhjhf
Holy crap your signing picture in my guestbook is huge. big momma size.

Go counter-strike!!!!!!! Been playing for years now.
Get Drunk! Slap your girlfreind! Make a lover! Be Irish!!!

Happy St. Patrick Day!!!
Hey man, you seem to have a rush of blood these days, I mean you want me to come back to the Cs forum, but I'll tell you the truth, Its damn boring now. But I'll try my best in the following days to lighten it up.

Just chill, till the next episode
Hey how are you? I just decided to sign your guestbook because I really appreciate everything that you are doing for me. So I hope to talk to you more in the future.

Stampin [with love ^o^]!

Your G - Book has been signed by

Your G - Book has been signed by

sup hito

consider your guestbook owned.
hey hit0kiri just wanna say thank you, im glad you think im privledged enough to be on the warning list its a real honor!!! =)