Why howdy there hiigaran!
I just want to say thank you so very much for helping me with my computer troubles. I can see that you are a valued member of that forum, and the help you have me is much appreciated. I'm very grateful for it.
Take it easy pal.
dude i owe you so much for helping me out with my computer i just wanted to say that man i hate having to wright so much... blah blah blah thanks and other stuff

well doing some stamping round random peoples questbooks cya round
Hi! I see you on the hardware forums alot and just wanted to drop down and say hi. I admire your knowledge of computers. Well, i'll see you some time around.

Sign back,
umm hello???
hw r u???nothin to du here
so im out
bye bye
damn this thing wont let me send
well ill just du sumthing out of boredom
i just registered for neoseeker and you'll find me spending most of my tie in the intellectual exchange place. sign my guestook!!!
hello hiigaran a.k.a the guy sitting next to me right now. i thought i'd say hello, as u already know because i'm saying everything i write out loud. hello.