Hey. c:

It's been, what, three years at least since we last properly talked?


I haven't been on here since then really.
I just wanted to say hi, if you remembered me from back then. :3

Have a great day!
Nope, I've got no stamp to stamp you with and no picture to picturize you with. So... Hey. Whassup?

I feel so left out without a stamp. =[

Well, thanks for being part of my Gang. I appriciate it. ^^

~Love Louise
Heya. =3
Thanks for signing my guestbook.

Why thank-you. I am rather proud of rule number 9. XD

If you hit me with a cookie I'll eat it.
Don't doubt my cookie-eating abilities.
And then I'll eat some cupcakes.

So because you are extremely awesome.
And alive.
Like me.
I shall leave you with a stamp.


See ya. =p
Yo! it's been a while, how're ya? I have Rune Factory now and it's pretty fun. Wanna trade sometime on wi-fi? I'm waiting for phantasy star zero for the ds, I heard it's pretty fun.
ur post has been in my guestbook 4 over a year and i just saw it lol

Animal Crossing City Folk:

FC: 0731 8386 7527


That's my stamp for now! Sorry next time though! Good luck with WiFI

Heya.....thought i would sign your guestbook, sorry if i made you feel left out
Hey Sis!! ^^ Haven't spoken to you in a while...I'm sorry... ;_;

Howl says: "Friendship is the greatest Magic there is. Use it well in your life..."

You've been granted the ability to make and help your friends in every way possible. Use this power to help not only you but the others around you as well.


Whee random signy with new stamp. And i herd you leik mudkipz?

I'm signing your Guest Book!!!

Huh? You noticed?



Hehe, like ma new stampy?

Mmm... Cookies... =p
Hey! You have HEAPS of friends! Awesome!!! Is that your mouses picture? I have 2 mice called Myley and Tashi! Mice are awesome! They stink heaps! Is any one else in Australia on this website? COME ON!!! Is everyone in America?
I've always wanted to sign a guestbook, and now I have! What should I do next? Im bored now! CYA!!! Ciao(chow)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on saturday i mean sorry hey never seen you for a long time did you fall sick ? take care and have a nice day oh after you judge my houde maybe i will show you my hamster patterns
hope you judge my house on Monday . thats some comedy yo ! good luck and have a nice day do you really like hammies ? ....... nothing but i hope we can friends <I like hammys>
Hi And i saw you and i shall stampeth you !

I is on a stampage! >:]

Does I make sense? =D
I'm sorry if i've caused any trouble to you since... Something... I think i am better now, so I'm really sorry ^^
*copies and pastes*

I like club penguin!
I like cereal!
I haven't seen you in awhile!
PM me and we play!


Hehe, same for me!

Hey, Heypeoples (:
Heh, that sounds funneh.
Just stopping by to say hello.
Can't wait for some more popcorn!
Well, bye.

MWAHAHAHAHA! Here's my super specail stamp to brighten up your day!
Wow! You're popular with the guestbook signings I see! Well, I just wanted to pop in and say hi! Bye!

I LOVE CATS! Mrowww!
[div align=center][color=teal]Heyy!!Its me MSLD!! I'm not a crazy lunatic with your name in my friends list <.< >.>
hey, i haven't been on in a while.
how've you been?
how was your christmas?

happy new years!
I'm letting out my inner emo.

Yes, I <3 that song @_@
Its an emo kid song.
((No I'm not really emo XD))
havent talk to you in a while so wats up we should meet on animal crossing again r u selling stuff bc i would love to buy something
It's 2:07 AM here, so no stampy... zzz... Christmas soon. you spelt potato wrong as well. I'll get the crisps for you anyway. Eating frozen chips isn't a good idea.