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  • "loved the gameplay the story imo even today it still entertains me 9/10 FinalFantasy6 PSX"
    Legionare_23 May 27, 13 1:44pm
  • "This and Chrono Trigger has the best graphics. music and were the most fun RPGs the SNES had to offer that made it to North America IMO. FinalFantasy6 PSX"
    alphador Aug 19, 11 3:37pm
  • "5/5 FinalFantasy3 SNES"
    Crumb Jul 28, 10 6:23pm
  • "It's not that good, granted it's one of the medieval, older-generation Final Fantasies. So for that, I'll say it's acceptable FinalFantasy3 SNES"
    JasonKaotic Jul 22, 10 12:30pm
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