In looking for a Raid team to either join or start, I'm Lv.25 but can really use the help ! Pm or tag me much appreciat

If you have Destiny for PS4 add me ! I_3hawkz

Need help with a team in Destiny for Raid, and Strike if possible, only Lv.20 but if you willing to help post or pm me ! Than

Anyone else having problems with Powersav or is it just me ? I've already cleaned my Pokemon X and Tried my Y and it w

Lf: Steven Beldum other Languages Jap/KoR Steelix Can offer: Shiny Beldum ENG - Relaxed FRE - Naughty Compet

_ Tag @hawk623 with offers FT:_ NA Diancie Code x2 ITA Diancie Code x3 Uncloned ITA Diancie | Hasty NA OCT14 Shiny

Have 2 US Gengar Codes that are Unused for trades! LF: Other Event Codes, or Tettra Rotom !

Bring Me The Horizon - Drown
ADTR - If Your The Hammer I'm The Nail
Got my ORAS Demo !
Check Out my giveaway !

_hawk623 Shiny Competitive Giveaway !_ This giveaway is to celebrate, and give back

Best of luck to all your future endeavours !

Currently on the search for: XD | Magmar | Mr.Mime They must be UT with correct purified moves. IV's and nature are not

Looking For: Above in the title. Shiny or non is fine and needs to have follow me, I can offer anything in the link below !

Looking for the following particular pokes for competitive battles ! Suicune: HP - Ground Bold | Modest | Timid Any Move

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