Your face is incompatible with the current processing capabillity.

_So lately i have been frequently visiting Creation for Donation sites. I guess the products are interesting to observe and c

This may need to be in the Gaming lounge, But all considered they are not really games :P What do you guys feel about VNs?

i use red font... does that mean im a attention whore?
absent or just tardy
that moment you relize that neos mods are pretty fscking cool compared to other forums! Thx mods keep doin wat your doin ;D

_If you had the power of, what would you conjure up? I've alway

_Just out of curiosity, who are you subbed to on youtube? I like to keep my sub box clean so I don't have many. 1. Ga

watching to much anime! its getting pretty weird...
i just sit her waiting for pms notifications and replis to my threads... What am i doing with my life... help me Tekmosis

_So I have been on this site for nearly half a year and have seen a couple of questionable threads that made me look twice an

Dance with me every body!
just so kawaii
th e on my kyboards bing all finicky
Dont you just love it when everything falls into place?

_Ok so I did a project a few years back in 9th grade were you made a pie graph of your daily activities in percentages. I fou

Kid had a seizer in the city bus today... Hope he's all right

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