Well, I'm a HUGE fan of Harvest Moon, any type, even if I don't own the actual game! Um...I also love writing stories like the roleplay threads in HM:AnWL, and I hope that much more people will join the roleplay thread there and make it more active! I also know a lot of stuff about Harvest Moon, so PM me if you need help on anything! (Except for HM:MM or HM:DS and any Harvest Moon games that are not on GameCube; I only have HM:AWL and HM:AnWL) I'm also a HUGE fan of Yoshi, and he's my fave character in SSBM! Let's see...some of my neofriends are:

MissRoxane: She's a great neofriend, and she makes great stamps, avatars, and banners. She's the greatest!

Kyinnla: Great neofriend (I hope I'm hers!), and we both frequently post on the roleplay thread a lot. She's really nice to me even when I'm bugging people to post on the thread.

YeOldeBowser: A great neofriend, and he supports Yoshi as well! We're both avid Yoshi fans, and both of us post daily on the Never Ending Super Mario Sunshine Story.

LivesLikeBeth: She's really nice, and I'm right now trying to convince her to join the roleplay thread. Right now, she's not on a lot, but still, she super nice!

And there are a lot more neofriends that I have, but too many to put down! Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and please sign my guestbook!



Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life


Super Smash Bros. Melee

And...I think that's it!

A little bit about me:

Um...I really LOVE reading, using the computer, playing GameCube, stuff like that. I first found Neoseeker when I was searching up FAQs for Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life, and I saw the many forums in Neoseeker! I immediatly registered, and spent a lot of time to find threads where I would post daily, and to find neofriends and avatars. So now, I finally have the avatar I want, many neofriends, and a lot of fun threads such as HM:AnWL Roleplay I and the Never Ending Super Mario Sunshine Story! One of my neofriends (MissRoxane, thank you so much!) is making me a banner and stamp right now, so I will have those soon! Everybody, please sign my guestbook!
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