Sorry. I though for a moment you were quoting the lyrics, but nvm. read more

Guess who just got back today. read more

Wish people would type properly these days. This is 2013 we don't use Nokia 3310 keys on anything anymore, please learn proper English.

It means that Microsoft would be able to use the console, regardless of if they sell it there or not.

Shame that... read more

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Omg. Please PC release EA. And not through Origin with always on DRM.

If not I suppose I'll take it on PS3. read more

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Congratulations Sony for winning the console war before it even began, although it still doesn't beat the PC as a... read more

Pitting an APU that is largely designed for nettops and low power PCs for multimedia against the top of the range... read more

Zynga? That is the company that copies other games isn't it? Wouldn't surprise me if they're going under. Those and... read more

Understand from the point of selling the game it makes sense to release on the PS3 since it has a sizeable market... read more

Hasn't surprised me that it is being released on the PS3 TBH. All generations of the Playstation have typically... read more

Doesn't completely surprise me to read another gaming giant struggling. The games sector has been glossing over its... read more

Franklin reminds me of CJ quite a bit... that green also looks like it might be the Grove Street Families back.
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Would've liked a new expansion pack to go out on TBH. I know the Workshop has quests and area addons but it isn't... read more

170 people are now free from the evil EA.

Don't most employees in this situation pool together and turn into an indie... read more

Dear EA. If people who buy the Mac version haven't got a PC, can I have their free version? read more

Surely game companies must realise that DRM doesn't work. DRM no matter how secure they try and make it will always... read more

Well he did say he wanted the company to do better than being 2nd.

Is this worst as voted by customer experience or... read more

She's like heroin, Sipping through a little glass, I'm looking for some help I need someone to save her ass