Dear EA. If people who buy the Mac version haven't got a PC, can I have their free version? read more

Surely game companies must realise that DRM doesn't work. DRM no matter how secure they try and make it will always... read more

Well he did say he wanted the company to do better than being 2nd.

Is this worst as voted by customer experience or... read more

She's like heroin, Sipping through a little glass, I'm looking for some help I need someone to save her ass
Logs onto Facebook... sees 21 notifications. Wow. Wonder if there is a couple *bleep*ing in the window somewhere on this

'We can do better'?

Well no shit...

Moore would clearly be annoyed at missing out on that top spot if EA finishes... read more

Nothing different from every other business TBH. Banks to energy companies. I've no issue with a business giving... read more

Well I'd post the covers to see what pattern existed but Neoseeker won't let me use more than two for some stupid... read more

Why does it surprise people? The only thing Disney were interested about was the rights to make the films. Still a... read more

SuperGNES? Wonder if Nintendo will challenge Ouya over that. I know it's been around for awhile on Android but... read more

The biggest shame about this is that it is an April Fools Joke and not actually being done

The least they could do... read more

Oh! They've now added a touchpad to their XBOX controller? So basically done what Sony's planned on their PS4 pad.
read more

Be nice if they released it on Steam aswell, perhaps updating the other earlier GTAs so they work properly with the... read more

Nintendo, please update and upgrade the internet browser so I can browse websites without a 'webpage too large' or a... read more

Not sure if it's been posted around on her but:

Sourced from here

Seems the plethora of problems continue to pop up. ... read more

So they're pretty much opening up beta/alpha testing to the general community then? read more

Sees notifications from Dreadlock Holiday and KR_1250... can't read because forum thread has been removed :ashamed:

More like EA wanted to beat down on the gaming community only that it backfire gloriously. read more

I would've thought he'd be able to get backing from studios without needing a crowdfund since he's pretty much a big... read more

A10 is not a gaming chip. It has a HD7770 equivalent graphics and a decent CPU power but it is not designed for... read more

Error 37... coincidently the amount of hours people have been waiting to get onto a server.

Nevertheless, if EA... read more