changed his custom title to "ハルビン"

Can someone please clean up the article a bit? There are quite a few grammatical mistakes in it...

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It's this time I wish I had money to throw away... damn my lack of money! read more

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I guess this is a thing

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likes Kingy's status update: "This is the end of King_X2"

All hail Queen_X3!

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I must participate in this cybersquatting. It seems to be a lucrative business.

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Oh dear Australia. If you don't want to be offended by a game then just simply don't buy it. If you're worried about... read more

Could've saved them a lot of embarrassment if they had this much common sense from the beginning. How long before... read more

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Wish people would type properly these days. This is 2013 we don't use Nokia 3310 keys on anything anymore, please learn proper English.

It means that Microsoft would be able to use the console, regardless of if they sell it there or not.

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