Just did the torture mission in GTA V. Tame.
added Journey (PS3) to their own list
added F1 2012 (PC) to their own list

And some people moaned that they spent £130m-odd on developing a game. Considering how big the... read more

Another one? Damn EA, do something right for once.

EA sports probably had some of their biggest... read more

Curious to see why it would have texture issues considering the bandwidth is meant to be way... read more

Things like this is why I'd much rather have console games on an actual disk. read more

Sounds useful. Wonders how it would work though with user privileges. I hope they've put proper... read more

The only thing that would really perfect this would be if it shipped with the soundtracks of the games as well. read more

Wasn't very tasty, and there wasn't a lot of it to eat. read more

Free to pay doesn't exist. Not in the idea that everything remains free. Nothing is really free... read more

Only if you'll be putting cream all over it. read more