Makes sense. Why should you pay a company for services it has nothing to do with, no control over... read more

Well that went well... I've bricked my phone. I'm sure it can be fixed... by someone who knows what they're doing. -_-

Played it on DS, alongside FFIV. Wonder if they'll just port it from the original SNES version... read more

Seems... different. Probably taking it from the Civ 5 Science victory. The SS rocket has taken off... read more

Hmm. If it's a Final Fantasy game that returns it's battle system to it's roots instead of them... read more

*sigh* Time to add this to my 3Ds game wish list read more

Uh huh... A game that's designed to be bad. Well if they pulled it off correctly then it could be... read more

Curious to see what purpose this has for Facebook? Diversifying because they know SM websites have... read more

Is this worldwide? Better be. Better also be open to people with the games. I've already... read more

Original could be topped? Considering that the game still sells very well on PSN and that there... read more


This either gonna be a massively stupid failure of a gam, or a very shrewd success fuelled... read more

Considering the cost of the thing, can people who buy it afford upgrades? Alienware are grossly... read more

Too little too late. Only time I'll consider buying this now is if it were heavily doors... read more

It's probably time to de-Xmasify my profile... but I can't be arsed to do it

Already have the game and expansions on the PC, along with mod support. Wonder if that means they... read more