It's probably time to de-Xmasify my profile... but I can't be arsed to do it

Already have the game and expansions on the PC, along with mod support. Wonder if that means they... read more

Over than the CyberPower PC one which looks quite affordable for the specs (unless the Cyberpower... read more

To the Moon is less of a game and more of an interactive story or a visual novel.... nevertheless... read more

Good companies collapse why bad companies continue, and continue to swallow up smaller studies and... read more

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Best Handheld Game, Link to the Past? Bit late with that one aren't they?

Unsure why BF and COD... read more

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Wonder if Europe will get the collectors edition and how much it'll cost......
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Just seen this and downloaded the demo. Nice to see us in Europe getting it before you Americans... read more

That looks different to my screen... must've had some updates in the few months since I went on it... read more

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Shame because after all this, Sony have decided not to capitalise. No audio CD or mp3 support... read more

So no excuses for lacking space in storage then. read more

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FFX is the last of the main series I've touched. That was a great RPG but they took some of the FF... read more

All this joking aside, I'm looking forward to the game. Lorule does lack a bit of creativity in... read more

Easy way to fix this. Refuse release for Xbone, price cheap or get it as a launch title for PS4.
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Considering the prices that lower specced 'gaming' machines cost, like that Piston thing, I... read more

There are approx 26m British households, the game sold 2.5m copies in the UK. That's a tenth of... read more