Well anyway, cheating is against rules. They should've been kicked from the tournament, not fined. They've only... read more

Because everyone has to follow your example? Maybe some people like playing as a female character? Maybe some... read more

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Yo fellas lets not feed the trolls ok. Also quit with the long quote chains, it's painful on the eyes...
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I think he's just upset because he keeps getting beat up by girls. read more

As if her being ginger has anything to do with being a sewer rat. read more

Everytime I think of you, I puke
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Has yet to play Dawnguard yet. I'll get round to it when I feel like I can be arsed to figure out which of my... read more

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Google could easily block YouTube and all Google services from using Apple devices if they...
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Considering that Apple are being complete dicks to the industry (harrassing Samsung, etc) I'm surprised that Google... read more

likes his status update: "What the *bleep* is this bar thing cluttering up my.Neoforum. Redemption, get it off."
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