I thought reviews on here used a standard testbed for most products.... read more

Decent features but I don't see why a case needs all those little bumps and crannies on the exterior... I like a... read more

Really is quite nice looking stick of RAM there, being completely all in black.

Wondering though if support for that... read more

Sometimes I have to wonder how there is so big a difference between some of the high end coolers these days since in... read more

Can't wait for this.

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There's a black dude flying the plane, could it be a main character?
CJ perhaps,... read more

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TBH I do really hope Corsair does a PWM version of both. If they did, then I'd probably have the fans set out,... read more

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On case fans, no PWM for me would be fine since I like my case fans to run maxed out...
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