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Google could easily block YouTube and all Google services from using Apple devices if they...
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Considering that Apple are being complete dicks to the industry (harrassing Samsung, etc) I'm surprised that Google... read more

likes his status update: "What the *bleep* is this bar thing cluttering up my.Neoforum. Redemption, get it off."
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What the *bleep* is this bar thing cluttering up my.Neoforum. Redemption, get it off.

I like the new Microsoft logo since it goes in with the clean appearance that they are going through. No awful... read more

Still don't quite know how this is gonna work. I'm guessing a Steam based OS like Chrome OS, but even then games... read more

Would've thought it'd be time that PCIE 3.0 slots start featuring on AMD boards. I know that is based on the... read more

This again?

Steam was built on PC, all I envisage this being is a cheap gaming PC built on having Steam ported to... read more

It'd be more interested to how they compare to the fans that got shipped on my NH-D14 read more

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Way to go Valve!
EA is just looking to take the rewards that you achieved. Valve is managed my...
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Nice to see Valve resist a takeover. EA have ruined too many game developers, and I guess EA only want Valve for... read more

I thought reviews on here used a standard testbed for most products.... read more