I see pay-what-you want quite often, but does it actually work? I know there are people out there who will probably... read more

Darksiders and Red Faction would probably be the only two I'd consider getting since I have the others.

With Steam... read more

Developers target console gaming because its the easiest to develop for. All PS3s have pretty much the same specs,... read more

Well that's just typical Steam. I buy a game a fortnight ago at full price only to see it's on sale this week for... read more

Even then the GameCube was atleast on par with the PS2 in terms of specs and not that far behind the Xbox in terms... read more

Understand why a developer wants to have their game on as many machines as possible, since it widesn up the market... read more

Hopefully there won't be any bugs in this version but I highly doubt it. Either way, would probably be spending... read more

Here's to hoping the PC port is done better. No bugs, glitches or issues. read more

Bit late aren't they? The games been out for a decade, and they've only just had licensing issues with music. read more

No sure I want a new ME game TBH.

Yet to finish the other three, haven't even started 2 read more

Why the hell would PC users have to wait an extra month?

Nice to see an extra area, just hope this isn't as buggy... read more

I think you need to get new glasses then King.

TBH I'm not quite sure about what your saying?

You are annoyed because... read more

It was an itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini

Six years...? About time you posted something good don't you think read more

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There goes the Star Wars Franchise... Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in KHs? read more

likes atheism's status update: "Here to spread the truth about the lies of religion, especially Jesus Christ who will taste my logical fury."
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Specifically violent games for 50-150 minutes or all games in general?

Doesn't seem to be alot of info on the control... read more

Three blokes walk into a pub, and the whole scene unfolds with a sense of tedious inevitability.