If there is a big enough fan community, then like alot of the older services, servers will be hosted by fans. read more

Willy Wonka makes
Everything he bakes
Satisfying and delicious
Talk about your childhood wishes read more

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Alot of SmartTVs these days aren't that different from a PC. It has a processor, can do...
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Think I might already have Dawn of War, so thats another key to give away. read more

Alot of SmartTVs these days aren't that different from a PC. It has a processor, can do multimedia playback and... read more

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harbin If you did buy the pack, they're unlocked for you. Just go back to your Humble Bundle download...
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Yeah, they would add two more games after I buy the pack. TBH though the only game I'm missing out on is Titan... read more

Just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit, took the midni---

Oh wait... wrong Journey.

Soundtrack does sound... read more

Oh dear Chelsea, sinking to the bottom of the blue sea, dropping down the PL, you're any manager's hell...

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This isn't a next-gen console, so I don't know what harbin's getting angry at.
Wasn't getting angry. ... read more

Might be because it looks completely out of place on that case. Alot of Bitfenix products are designed with their... read more

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It doesn't specify how they implement the F2P in there, so it could be like what happened with Sonic...
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What they've done is turned an android tablet into a cube and removed the screen. Honestly there is no major... read more

Spiderman! Spiderman! He does whatever a spider can!
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They better kill Daryl or I'm gonna riot!!

Great. I buy it through Steam and that will be me pissing Virgin Media off with bandwidth usage, or I could buy it... read more

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Massive shame TBH. Just hope that now with the studio being part of Crytek and assuming that they've kept the... read more

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Might seem good for people who would like to stream games, but to me nothing special. Just wondering though, why... read more

I see pay-what-you want quite often, but does it actually work? I know there are people out there who will probably... read more