Just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit, took the midni---

Oh wait... wrong Journey.

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Oh dear Chelsea, sinking to the bottom of the blue sea, dropping down the PL, you're any manager's hell...

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This isn't a next-gen console, so I don't know what harbin's getting angry at.
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Might be because it looks completely out of place on that case. Alot of Bitfenix products are designed with their... read more

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It doesn't specify how they implement the F2P in there, so it could be like what happened with Sonic...
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What they've done is turned an android tablet into a cube and removed the screen. Honestly there is no major... read more

Spiderman! Spiderman! He does whatever a spider can!
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They better kill Daryl or I'm gonna riot!!

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Massive shame TBH. Just hope that now with the studio being part of Crytek and assuming that they've kept the... read more

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Might seem good for people who would like to stream games, but to me nothing special. Just wondering though, why... read more

I see pay-what-you want quite often, but does it actually work? I know there are people out there who will probably... read more

Darksiders and Red Faction would probably be the only two I'd consider getting since I have the others.

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Developers target console gaming because its the easiest to develop for. All PS3s have pretty much the same specs,... read more

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Even then the GameCube was atleast on par with the PS2 in terms of specs and not that far behind the Xbox in terms... read more

Understand why a developer wants to have their game on as many machines as possible, since it widesn up the market... read more

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