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Man, I feel like a woman...

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Sometimes, all we need is the air that we breathe.
Can we hole up, and ride out this electrical storm?
likes Mayan Calendar's status update: "i like long walks on the beaches, with strawberries and peaches"
I feel I need to spam this more.

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Harbin Crysis 2 is 50% off at the moment and was 75% off a couple of days ago.
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Another penguin joke: Why did Mr. Penguin not love his wife? Because she smelled of fish.
Why was Mrs. Penguin left unfulfilled by her husband? Because he only had a little pecker.

Don't have £5 on me, but what I'll do is send you this picture of it and you can print it off if you like.

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I know... I was playing a pun on how the word sounds. -_-

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