I'm more of the opinion they just misspelled 'Feast' and it was their idea for a massive BBQ.

Wii U's WaraWara...
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Looks like a good next step for when I get around to an upgrade unless someone manages to upstage it by then. read more

Still don't think the extra cost is worth the lack of variety in the DLC, the UK cityset for example looks quite... read more

I'll be impressed if they could make a game that kills me because I died in game read more

Got an email saying my beta key has arrived. Entered it into Origin, and half a day later downloading it I still... read more

Dragonborn is now up on Steam for preorder along with Skyrim, Hearthfire and Dawnguard all have 50% off. read more

De do do do, de da da da Is all I want to say to you

Registered for the beta but not entirely sure where these three factions actually fit into the lore. read more

TBH the leak isn't verified so this could be just an unreliable source aimed at drawing Microsoft out into revealing... read more

What the *bleep* is EA playing at? Seriously. Ban from every EA game? No wonder why EA are the most hated game... read more

Someone has given it a 5 star review already.

Chances are though, it's just for the normal release anticipation,... read more

Northern49 without wanting to turn this into a discussion between Windows 7 and Windows 8 that program will look... read more

quote Nagare
harbin where did you read they are completely abandoning Windows 7? It still has main support through...
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So Microsoft just completely abandoning Windows 7 then? Their loyalty to their customers is worse than EAs at the... read more

EA obviously doesn't understand how exactly a beta works. What they've described sounds like more of a demo. No... read more

quote Resilience

It's funny, really, that you don't understand that this doubles as an article. Make an...
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PSVita as a controller? Didn't even wait like with the PS Move. Just jumping right in with what Nintendo has... read more

TBH I would try and download it but for some reason Playstation Store is still down for maintenance. read more

Yes because shooting a gun is anything like getting an iPhone and tapping a target, or whatever the controls will be... read more

Set it to direct and it'll only notify you when someone actually messages you using the @_Username like J917 or... read more

But there's boobs which clearly makes it alright.

Not sure if they're complaining because it's just violent in... read more

quote LZ Schneider
This car's profile is amazing but upon closer inspection it looks like a hot wheels car and not...
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I wish I was a lesbian, and not a hetero.