I hope that the form will change because that looks quite awful to use TBH.

Why do they need to change the analogue... read more

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More Luigi please. He may have less refinement than his red dressed brother but his moustache is clearly superior. read more

changed his custom title to "You will taste man-flesh."
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quote Lyonnais
QuiertaX2 has a nice ring to it. And would confuse everyone.
Congratulations to the happy couple. I... read more

Has KINGX2 decided to become a democracy and turned into Prime Minister? read more

Because it's the fourth game created in the series. Not the fourth in the timeline. Alot of things go that way. read more

Regardless of how many signatures this petition ends with, I'd still expect the PC to get a port due to the... read more

And then they'll make a shit load more profit when GTA V comes out. No wonder why EA are after them. Hope to hell... read more

Yes, and normally I'd be enjoying it if it weren't for a CTD and one of them endless loading screens. read more

Nice to see the controllers still look like crappy, cheap Xbox ones.

Also, where are the vents?

I'll wait until the... read more

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Halo? What? On the PC?

If Halo CE makes it onto Steam, will it be the original or...
read more

Halo? What? On the PC?

If Halo CE makes it onto Steam, will it be the original or the updated version from the... read more

Unlocks on Steam on the 5th for the PC.

Not quite sure why they've got three seperate release dates though. ... read more

I like to announce my intention to stand for moderatorship of Loungin' and call a vote of no confidence King. He's... read more

Just to follow up, I believe this is the RAM that set the current record for highest RAM overclock. Someone got it... read more

This can't be as bad as the reported Angry Birds movie.

Seriously, what happened to the time when a game was a game... read more

I'm more of the opinion they just misspelled 'Feast' and it was their idea for a massive BBQ.

Wii U's WaraWara...
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Looks like a good next step for when I get around to an upgrade unless someone manages to upstage it by then. read more

Still don't think the extra cost is worth the lack of variety in the DLC, the UK cityset for example looks quite... read more

I'll be impressed if they could make a game that kills me because I died in game read more