So after huge public pressure from gamers, EA finally does the correct thing of offering a courtesy product? With... read more

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El presidente isn't the only one

EA is gonna need some Aloe Vera for that burn.

Never mind aloe vera. ... read more

The only bad thing I have with Cities XL is the rather restrictive building placement and styles available... and... read more

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So a reviewer managed to get through the queue and really get some solid playtime in. His review is...
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harbin Good luck with that.
You say that but you never know how many people would pay to see such a... read more

^ Maybe but the damage is done by the DRM, poor planning and EA's "Shitty ain't our fault so don't blame us" response. read more

I think I should start a Kickstarter project with a goal of something like £1m just for me to do something and post... read more

Not even a goodwill gesture from EA. Can EA become bigger twats than they are right now? The answer is yes.

Steam... read more

Ensemble Studios? I thought Microsoft closed them.

Holy shit! A midi soundtrack! That takes me back. read more

Spotify has a web player? Damn thats awesome.

Art style also restricted by the game engine it uses since it's made in RPG Maker. No fancy 3D stuff there. The... read more

First sensible thing EA has done this year although it still is stupid. Mind you, didn't Dead Space 3 have 11... read more

Would be nice to level beyond 81 although I'm not sure how many times something can be turned legendary or how high... read more

Sorry but I don't see why computers can't be good enough to have a large city sprawl now. 64bit processors on quad... read more

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The more I read what some say on Facebook, the more I fear for the future of humanity.

And two months on, I would really love it if it was released so I can play import 3DS games on my 3DS. I hate not... read more

Can I play Android games purchased from Google Play on OUYA?


Can I play my OUYA games on my other Android...
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What the hell is the point of buying a game only to have to pay more money to complete it. EA proving that the only... read more

So would this be AMD now trying to combat Nvidias PhysX? I hope they develop it beyond hair physics in the future. read more

I wonder when Apple are gonna release their 'all new, super amazing, completely justified price, iPhone/Pad that... read more

Streaming PS3 games? Streaming a massive potentially 25GB game to your console over the Internet. Can't see that... read more

BBC Article on it

Apparently there will be no backwards compatability in the PS4 so if you want to continue PS3... read more