Not surprised when you see the mess Sim City turned into. Cities Skylines looks set to be the... read more

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Did we, harbin? Did we really?
Well I kinda lost count. For all I know she could've just... read more

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Airy was an obnoxious, godawful character. They did us all a favor by removing her...
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I have found it in stock but I'm reluctant to pay £70 for it. Haven't had a mosey around town for... read more

Now.... I'm not sure if that is just because it's demo release footage, or YouTube's encoding... read more

"Far from perfect"
*Gives perfect score*

The game's profile should be sorted out though. It's not... read more

Seems easier to explain than just saying so many people opened their prezzies and overloaded their servers. read more

Got Far Cry 4 whilst it was on Humble Store offer. Took 3 seconds of installing UPlay to dislike the thing. read more

I wish life had an ignore button. Some people's views just aren't worth your time and I honestly think they're beyond correction.

Well to my defence i didn't buy the game. I played my brothers copy. I'll just be buying a game on... read more

changed his avatar to avatar
changed his avatar to avatar

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$2.5 billion for a company that produces one (albeit one very well know and widely...
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Considering they're meant to be releasing a New 3DS next year, why bother with releasing these... read more

What, again? I recall them saying something like that before. Maybe if they actually did something... read more

Considering the first Saints Row was an Xbox 360 exclusive, I'd wager that atleast 35% of the... read more

TBH years ago 1TB would've been seen as exorbitant. Now it's seen as necessary because of how much... read more

Better than Google getting it, because what would've happened is it would've been eventually... read more

Game has been added to Steam for £34.99 pre-order. Advertising access to the pre-purchase beta,... read more