Game has been added to Steam for £34.99 pre-order. Advertising access to the pre-purchase beta,... read more

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I'm surprise not many people here haven't heard of Ultima it the grand daddy of the...
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First time I've heard of this. Then again I'm on android so it stands to reason.

Imagine the people... read more

Didn't have it in 2011, can't I have a free game anyway? Oh wait US only? Well that's just bullshit. read more

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Some of them look quite nice. Now if only I had Saints Row amount of money then I'd go mad for a few. read more

The thing that I liked most was how the main antagonist was defeated by the end of Season 1. I... read more

How stoned were they when they came up with this one?

This thread needs more rock/geology puns to... read more

Oh *bleep*ing no. Good job my lack of money has already stopped me wrecking my bank account. read more

Sounds like they've made some improvement to the D14, which I bought when I had a new system and... read more

Nintendo would probably fit Capcom but honestly I see it being the big ol' sweaty arseholes of... read more

If they were there and that, then why exactly were they taken out? Did they discover in game... read more

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Could've atleast used an actual HD video to showcase it all. Just like I did with GTA IV, can see... read more

Considering EAs recent remarks regarding the PC platform being underpowered and incapable (one... read more

Why exactly would you be better off getting an Xbox One controller for the PC over a 360... read more

Makes sense. Why should you pay a company for services it has nothing to do with, no control over... read more

Dear Google, I don't want to use my real name, I don't want to use Google+, I don't want to be findable. I just want to use your services.