Skittles hamsterlove
Jun 05, 11 5:35pm
Hello! I have been meaning to Sign Your Guestbook, Since i haven't yet on this account!
You have been Stamped by the awesome Otaku~
BubbaDude45 hamsterlove
May 13, 11 4:38pm
Hey hamsterlove! I miss talkin to you, I spend most of my time on the rpg I just created, if you can't catch me here you can catch me there.

Miss you, Max.

P.S. Catch me @:
Ace Trainer Kim hamsterlove
Jan 09, 11 2:18am
hi, hamsterlove i'm signing your guestbook cause i go bored. what pokemon do u have in your pokemon diamond party? i'm challenging the pokemon league but i keep losing. i'm training to be an ace trainer . oh, and thanks 4 adding me as a noyable friend and as a neosis
RichboyDanny hamsterlove
Dec 27, 10 3:10am
you have pokemon diamond ? that's cool. can i add u on my pal pad ? Name: Danny , type of trainer: richboy , friend code :4727-3960-4660 . send me ur info if u want to add me. richboydanny . ps i will send u pics of barry if i find any.
EHays91 hamsterlove
Nov 25, 10 5:27am
Sorry about your birthday, hamsterlove!
By the way...I never figured out how to stamp...and when I doesn't work!!!!
Anyway, just posted to say hi!

Toonlink hamsterlove
Nov 01, 10 9:54pm
Hi how ya doing?
Happy halloween!

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Cute Pikachu Pictures, Images and Photos" /></a>
Snips hamsterlove
Oct 23, 10 5:13pm
idk if i ever signed yours, so im signing now, and i heard you like barry XD
Light Spirit hamsterlove
Sep 28, 10 12:26am
I forgot to sign your guestbook because you sign mine's.I hope you enjoy the picture.And This will be your bestest guestbook sign ever.

Black Pikmin123 hamsterlove
Sep 06, 10 3:31am
So I've noticed the last time I signed this was in Feb '09 I think
So I feel rather ashamed :c
Also, first stamp attempt. 8D

Yhay, it worked, amidoinitrite? :3
EHays91 hamsterlove
Aug 28, 10 3:06pm
Hi, Emily!
See me at the Role Playing forums, ok!
And by the way, I have a good name for a hamster. Male:Rucker Female:Sassy

Hope those names help!
Spaf289 hamsterlove
Jul 27, 10 4:49am
What up E girl. Your back and liking team rocket of pokemon too. I thought you hated pokemon but hey, a lot of things can change after being gone a long time. Anyway it's good to see your profile name around neoseeker again. I don't know what ya of this water type. But just to let ya know it's my favorite legendary. other then latias. Team Rockets blasting off agaaaaaaaaain.

Snips hamsterlove
Jul 16, 10 2:43pm
thans for signing my guestbook here whoops! wrong one, LOL
Toonlink hamsterlove
Dec 09, 09 6:53am
Hi this is Toonlink Signing your Guestbook!
I like your Icon! First It has Shadow,Second,It has Shadow with Sunglasses,and Third,It Shadow Again!
I hope We can be Friends!
Please PM me.
Peace Out!
MasterZX hamsterlove
Nov 11, 09 3:44am
Hey, Emily, it's ZX. Just stampin my friends. So, Stamp Time!!

Have a nice day!
pwns_all hamsterlove
Oct 31, 09 4:03pm

happy Halloween emily
BubbaDude45 hamsterlove
Jul 16, 09 5:02pm
We've been friends a long time and I don't think I've ever signed your guestbook so I will now.

Max Johnson,
Decepticon General,
King of the Werewolves,
Vampire Slayer,
Fanfic writer,
Lead vocalist for a band that doesn't exist yet, (We're still mastering our instruments.)
Shadow fan.

At your service!
DDD2 hamsterlove
Jul 10, 09 3:39am
WOW! Its my first time signing your guest book. Hi its DDD2. I thank you for keeping the SA2B story alive with me! I don't have a stamp either (Yes I read my guestbook recently ) so.... bye!
Yoshi_Fn hamsterlove
Jul 01, 09 1:52am
WOW! I haven't signed your GB yet? Silly me. I easily get side tracked. Anyway, thanks for always talking me, and helping me overcome boredom, and occasional loneliness. Lo,l jk on that part. Anyway, I wanted to try out my new stamp as well, so here goes something!

You better like it. Took me a whole 5 minutes! Anyway, I look forward to talking to you again. Later!

Shawn Yasumara hamsterlove
Jun 26, 09 9:48pm
How's it goin' dude?I will get started on your video as soon as I get the song you want.Please sign back.

Randomness hamsterlove
Jun 25, 09 6:12pm
Just thought I'd stop by ur guestbook and sign! Trying to get this character up to date!


(Formally Pix)
Hero Kirby hamsterlove
May 17, 09 6:08pm
i got a stamp now!

also I've heard about the new game called "Mario & Sonic at the winter Olympic games" and they have stuff like speed skating, Bobsleding etc. i can't wait to see shadow doing that!
P.S. i hope you don't mind me sighning your guest book twice, you can delete the other entry.
Shadow Bob32 hamsterlove
May 09, 09 12:41am
Hiya wats up WOW I'M BORED! anyway Shadow Rules Blah Blah Blah I forgot wat i was gonna say seeya later now "Bye" (In a happy voice) (gets lonely and bored again) Bye (^.-) *wink* I was gonna talk about somethin cool and i forgot bye *Thinking In My Head* (This Sucks)
Kirby123 hamsterlove
May 01, 09 3:42am
thanks for signing my guest book. i don't have a shadow stamp so take this.

RHJ44 hamsterlove
Apr 21, 09 10:53pm
hey, i just thought i might sign your guestbook, i don't know why.... maybe i'm going guesbook crazy or something.... i dunno.
Hero Kirby hamsterlove
Apr 08, 09 3:32pm
i got banned from loungin I'd stamp your guest book but i don;t have a stamp. sorry!
i wish shadow was in Super Smash Brothers Brawl but he was cut and put as an assist trophy and din't even think of a move set.
well have a nice day hamsterlove!