dropaheart hamstar138
Apr 16, 06 8:39pm
thought id drop by to send you a stamp! =D and thanks for being my friend!

jimcripple hamstar138
Apr 11, 06 12:46am
Hello! I like signing most peoples guestbooks, so I'm siging yours!

gama the 1st hamstar138
Jan 15, 06 9:52am
did you miss me you better have here you can not denie they are cute adore them or perish!
Monkeypop hamstar138
Sep 17, 05 9:22am

PS.You have been signed by Monkeypop!
Monkeypop hamstar138
Aug 9, 05 7:12am
Hi its Monkeypop and thanx so much for being my
neofriend.So I like to sign my neofriends gbs.
I hope to see ya around the threads.
EmmieGurl hamstar138
Jul 8, 05 11:59pm
Hey hey! Great fun on the Fighting Villagers thread! Hope to see you around some more!

*~*Emmie Gurl*~*

PS Your site is kewl!
hercsmyhero hamstar138
Jul 8, 05 6:53am
Hiya! im hercsmyhero, ive only ceen u on 1 thread...but u seem pretty cool, so ill b ur first sig!!

;3 -Luv Ya! (no,not personally,i say that 2 everybody...)