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  • "Is this game really any good? The game just seems like a way to talk to Pikachu. Is there any other activities in the game? HeyYouPikachu"
    Keymoshy Nov 17, 13 8:34am
  • "even when i first bought the game (when i was 6), it STILL only took a few days to beat... HeyYouPikachu"
    pokegirl1212 May 18, 10 9:50pm
  • "this game is not fun. HeyYouPikachu"
    logan1120 Jan 2, 10 8:18am
  • "Sort of annoying and pretty lame, but fun in the end. HeyYouPikachu"
    ilovenintendo Jun 29, 09 5:07am
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