I don't actually check my guestbook very often, so this is an extremely delayed response to the guestbook signing you gave me back in February

It's nothing personal coming from me as well, and as I'm sure you understand quite well I appreciate having someone as intelligent as you to debate with, regardless of whether or not we see eye to eye most of the time. Hope to see you around, and maybe one day we'll be in a discussion where we both agree, haha.

Cool avatar by the way. If you want to hear some good music check out myspace.com/xm16e1

It has a playlist if you scroll down.

ok i will sign your guest book. i am, ruki123 i'm best gamer there ever was ever is and ever will be !!!!!! mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha yha!!!!!!!!!!
Yo yo yo yo yo yoyo yoyoyoyo yoyoyoyo yoyoy oyo yoyoy yoyoyoyoyoyooyoy yo yo yoyo YO!

Yebo, Sawubona.
Ngikona (sp?) wena unjani?
Namigikona (sp?)

My zulu is terrible so that's all done in phonetics, haha.

Good to see another South African around the forums. But you should do what the rest of us do and get out while you can, haha. Study medicine or something and then move to England.

Don't move to Australia though because that's just an island full of convicts.

PL out.
Well, I may not be P_L, but at least I sign your guestbook! I'll be visiting Africa more often I guess...
(keep in mind while you read this around christmas, I can't be bothered making a new stamp for a few months.. Christmas will be here in no time )

Totally random signing.

Haha Good, glad you enjoyed it. In case you were unaware, Shevchenko7 has returned. Seems my evidence was the turning point in his return.

See you around
Ok, maybe not the best EVER, but pretty darn close. Thanks for the consistently enjoyable and profound words you post, intelligent comebacks with occasioinal ROTFL sarcasm tossed in, and aint gonna take no bullsh*t approach. You might be my neo hero if I were to be that shallow, but I'm not, so you can't be. Sorry.

Pitiful when your guestbook has not been signed yet in 2006! haha. Just returning the demi-slam you left me.

let's get on with it...bwh

Sorry for not replying soon. I forget to check my guestbook.

Anyway, you are a cool guy too, and I agree with your opinions. Thanks for signing my guestbook, and in exchange I sign yours.

Feel free to pm me, and I'll reply as soon as I can.

Hello, Im on a signing spree and you've gotten in my path, now since I have signed yours, you have no choice but to sign mine in return...
Just kidding, but please sign mine anyways.


Hi I am now officially putting my mark on your geustbook. I hope you can do the same. Sign back.

I am a man of my word, well done you win and get the "honour" of my prensence in your guestbook (lol)

Anyway, you seem a great guy, with a great avatar so keep up the good work and i'll see ya around

Hello mon! After nearly two years on Neo this is my first guestbook signing. I like your posts. I like your avatar. I like your sig. May I impregnate you? YES/NO (circle one) Haw, that's just my little joke. Anyway, keep posting on IE, because you're the only other person who agrees with my funky opinions...
Ça doit être étrange... ça m'est arrivé juste une fois, un Noël sans neige, et c'était déprimand parce que c'était à Montréal...

Merci d'avoir laissé ta trace dans mon guestbook. Il était tellement mort que je ne le regardais jamais.

Qu'est-ce que tu fais en Afrique exactement?
Just signing back, Hope to see you around Neoseeker...............................
you gave me a hard time? I noticed no difference between you time and the hardness anyone else gives me...
Here's something to whet your Canadian appetite:

"Oh Canada" by Five Iron Frenzy

Welcome to Canada, it's the Maple Leaf State.
Canada, oh Canada it's great!
The people are nice and they speak French too.
If you don't like it, man, you sniff glue.
The Great White North, their kilts are plaid,
Hosers take off, it's not half bad.
I want to be where yaks can run free,
Where Royal Mounties can arrest me.
Let's go to Canada, let's leave today,
Canada, oh, Canada, I Sil Vous Plait.
They've got trees, and mooses, and sled dogs,
Lots of lumber, and lumberjacks, and logs!
We all think it's kind of a drag,
That you have to go there to get milk in a bag.
They say "eh?" instead of "what?" or "duh?"
That's the mighty power of Canada.
I want to be where lemmings run into the sea,
Where the marmosets can attack me.
Let's go to Canada, let's leave today,
Canada, oh, Canada, I Sil Vous Plait.
Please, please, explain to me,
How this all has come to be,
We forgot to mention something here.
Did we say that William Shatner is a native citizen?
And Slurpees made from venison,
That's deer.
Let's go to Canada, let's leave today,
Canada, oh, Canada, I Sil Vous Plait.

There you go. Peace out.
i saw your socrates quote...im impressed....first bit of philosophy ive seen.... its great!!!
well hello, hope you read this its lil' ol' me. hope the debating on god is going well, and keep up the good work, hell you might make a bliever out of me lol
Similarly, it's nice to come here and find someone with an interest in philosophy! Yes, I do know where that quote is from, and it's good to have someone with whom to climb to the ends of the fur, to use Gaarder's metaphor.

I'm up for a philosophical discussion any time, so I'll take you up on that PM offer sometime.

See you around, halo master-

Howdy! I saw you in the Christian Bands thread and you seem to have decent taste in music, unlike some other people....won't name names, you know. Your reccomendations have yet to steer me wrong, feel free to make more.

P.S.-you like soilwork?
blah blah blah blah? blafferz? Which roughly translates to "How are ya doing? budday? well i see you have posted up in the Musical Instrumetns & Equipment Spam Forum. We appreciate all spam posted especially the beefy kind. sometimes the veggie kind but only on Tuesdays and other dayz that end with "ay" I see you have good taste in music. it's not everyday you see another Police fan up in Neo. I liketh the Police and I grew up listening to their music and verbal fights so... anyways I've said enough and the monkeys are after me so I gotta bust kiddo. I owe them $3.46 and I only have $4.24! In which I owe you $0.34 for signing my guestbook. doh! but before I go, I will make up a new bad word for you to use: hmmm.... Splaffo! Splaffo means *********. use it wisely and stay away from the beanie wearing insomniac monkey eating robots that live in the beautiful land of bl3nd3ville which is close to Lezbonia Admission is free, ask for Ted. But don't ask for Harry, he's a basturd.

That was a hilarious joke you left in my guestbook, I wish I could come up with crap like that. If I could, I'd be spending less time signing these goddamn guestbooks and more time making cash because I'm hilarious. But, for the time being, I suppose the least I can do is return the favor. Don't worry about the American beer slander thing...I'll let it slide if you keep that wicked Police avatar.

Later dude.
I happened to look at my guestbook today and noticed your entry. Thanks a lot for the compliment; I'm flattered.

Don't discount yourself though; I've just come to beginning reading your posts recently in IE, and I think you have some really great things to say. You support your opinions well, and you provide some good information and alternate viewpoints on the debate.

Keep up the good work, bro, and I'll see you around the forums.

I'll be like sinful and add a quote, but I won't be so arrogant as to add one of mine.

"The only reason the mainstream is referred to as a stream is because of its shallowness."
-George Carlin

How about signing my Guestbook?