Dreadlock Holiday haalyle
Feb 9, 13 9:54pm
Just stopping by to sign your guestbook, feel free sign mine as well.

See you around the forums!

P.s, after watching a few of your walk throughs I have come to the conclusion that you love swearing, a lot.
Viper The Sniper haalyle
Jul 2, 12 3:24pm
I really don't know what to write, I just trying to make new friends on Neoseeker :-)
Hmszelda haalyle
Dec 29, 11 4:58am

lateness (Y)
DarshD haalyle
Dec 18, 11 3:05am
Dear, Haalyle,
This must be the destiny that made you comment on my Harry Potter 7 part 2 movie review, and when I read it, it was the most kindest words I've ever heard online.Now I would like to thank you for accepting me as your friend, advisor and bro When i thought that online is nothing but full of rude and insulting people, you came and showed me that, there are still some angels like you in it, with your kindness, you've not only won my heart but also hearts of many many people on forums. I really really wish that you may live a very long life so, you could conquer many more hearts.

Don'y ever stop going online, don't ever stop making friends, no matter what, no matter how bad people you encounter throughout your journey of life, always trust yourself, have faith in God and always be kind and friendly
You are very special person for me, love you always, may God Bless You. Take care and all the best for your future!

Best regards,