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Jan 27, 16 6:27pm

Hi, I don't usually do things like these, but I really, really needed to let this out after some frustration I'm currently having at the moment. Now, from what I know, this is going to be long, so I'll put little pin-points at the end of it in case you don't want to read.

So, pre-2010, I wasn't into any real franchise. I enjoyed games for what they were and took no care in their fandoms, until 2010 when I started playing Resident Evil 4. I decided to find more information about it and eventually went back and played the other games as well as the ones after it and then I finally found out about it's fandom. Resident Evil's fandom isn't actually that bad. Of course, there are disagreements like everywhere else, but taken away from that, I got on with quite a lot of people and really, really enjoyed my four years of being in the franchise and its fandom.

Then my interests changed in 2014/2015, where I got 'bored' with Resident Evil, as most of my friends got New Gen consoles and I was basically left alone. That when I found the Sonic franchise (thanks to Roger Craig Smith actually) and learnt about it. I enjoyed the Sonic games (except for Unleashed and Black Knight, but we won't go into that) and I really, really loved the music. However, coming into 2016 (the year for Sonic's 25th anniversary), I realized how far away I was from its fandom. I couldn't relate to it. I hadn't grown up with Sonic or even Mario for that matter. I just... didn't care for his 25th anniversary as much as everyone else did. And so, I've just basically ignored all the rumors and such and felt heaps distant from everyone else. I also found out that it was hard to get along with a lot of people. All there was were debates. 'How to make the games better' and 'why these characters sucked' and I just didn't care! It made me grow out of the franchise... I just, didn't want to play Sonic games anymore (but the music I still listen to). And now I'm feeling empty. I don't know what franchise I want to get into (although, from watching SGB's Sly Cooper Playthroughs, I'm really growing towards Sly Cooper at the moment) and I just feel like I don't know who I am anymore. I used to know who I was when I was into Resident Evil, I used to somewhat know who I was when I was into Sonic and I now... I just don't know.

From my experience, fandoms can pretty much ruin games you play, if the fandom isn't very good. Sonic doesn't have a good fandom, end of story. Resident Evil is meh, but I'd say it's better than Sonic.

I'm just sad that wanting to get to know people that have similar interests with you can often make you dislike that interest. No gonna lie, I know heaps of great people from the Sonic franchise... (most of them being the ones who read my fanfictions), but I just wish we could not always look at the negatives.

Welp, I'm gonna go play some games in which I could care less about the fandoms and keep it that way. See you around.

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