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Apr 13, 16 3:19pm

Yes... it's been done. I've withdrawn from the Game Design course as it wasn't really my thing anymore. I was beginning to lose interest over the later weeks, and soon all my motivation was gone.

Instead, I've used advice from my French Teacher and am looking into University to do French and Performing Arts... as I've found out that Acting seems pretty awesome. I've acted a few times in my life and I'm definitely open to more opportunities!
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Apr 12, 16 8:19pm

Lately, I'm been feeling kind of off. No, I'm not sick, I'm just having mixed feelings about this course. There are definitely some good aspects about it, but I've been gradually losing interest in it for the past few weeks now.

I love gaming, no doubt about it, but I have a feeling that the whole creative process, concept art and modelling just isn't my style. Programming is 'eh'. (I'm resitting the exam. Did terrible.) A part of me really, really wants to go back to something I really, really enjoyed doing throughout High School which was... learning French.

I have this huge interest in languages! I love learning about them! I love the different translations you get! Even better, I learn English as well. And I just really want to continue learning it.

But another thing that I really enjoyed, especially during my Primary School years was acting. I remember I was in a play once, as the narrator. I enjoyed that. Sure, the choir is hardly anything a part from the fact that I can perform in front of an audience alright and remember quite a few things, but I really like the idea of acting.

Ugh, I don't know. I'm hardly anywhere in this life as it is. I'll continue this course anyway, just to see how it goes.
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Apr 3, 16 3:48pm

Did my Programming Practical last Friday and I know I did terribly, but I wasn't the only one. We can retake the test if it's not a mark we're happy with, so I'll just have to wait and see.

I have a Presentation for Creative Processes coming up, but that's going alright. Trying to link my hunch up with my research hasn't been the best, but I'll manage.

Production is alright. I handed in my presentation of which I'll be showing the class on Wednesday, that's okay. I really, really like the bows I drew though:

And eh... Introduction to 3D is coming along, kinda.
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Mar 18, 16 6:54pm

Alright, another week has gone past and I'm getting deeper into this course. I have a programming assessment next Friday, the only class that has a practical exam in class. Gonna look back and study some scripts that I gotta remember how to write for that time.

The title is a reference to a metaphor my Creative Process lecturer said my 'hunch' (which is the horror game I've had on my mind for months) said. I dunno 'Reality is an enemy' sounds better to be honest. Also, we did some brainstorming of analyzing the information we gained from our interviews. We were separate into three groups of four (with one group having three because they came in late), with me being appointed leader for our group. Yay... guess it looks like I'm in another type of 'leadership' role. Anyway, Luke and I did most of the work while the other two talked about games and that, helping out at the end with our insights. We'll be doing more brainstorming in our groups next week.

Nothing new for Introduction to 3D to be honest, just finalizing my concept art to put into Maya.

As for Production, I'm moving on to making around 70 thumbnails. 40 = 10 for 4 characters. 30 = 3 for props. I'll also be drawing a setting, which will be the climax for my story. Thumbnails don't take too long to draw, get them out of the way and pick 4 that stand out and draw more 'detailed' versions of them (for the characters).

Yeah, so I'm having a good time so far. Although I just realized this afternoon that my Programming test is on Good Friday, which is when my family is coming up. It's gonna be a busy day depending on how much time I spend at the college.
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Mar 9, 16 10:45pm

In Production today, we were learning about basic shapes and the types of characters they can make. Triangles tend to be used a lot for bad guys, square is for the firm and stubborn and circle is the happy, cuddly type of character.

Anyway, I 'overheard' a conversation just opposite of me between these two guys (although it was mainly one guy speaking to the other). 'I guess Sonic the Hedgehog would be evil then. He's got triangles 'cause of his spikes' is what one of them said and man, I covered my mouth to stop myself from laughing and did my best to put my attention back to the lecturer. This guy, though, would not let it down. We had a 15 minutes break and that's all he goddamn talked about.

Presentation tomorrow... wooo... I'm pretty excited though. I've got basically everything I need. I did some drawings too. I might upload a picture of a small sketch I drew today though, I'm really happy with how it turned out.
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Mar 2, 16 7:44pm

Alright, week 3 into my course and we have assignments by Sunday (not for all of them, some are due next week). Anyway, a part from working on those, we also have been learning more, of course, and today in Introduction to 3D, we learnt about polygons.

Not a surprise of course, as I already know about that kind of stuff, the lecturer had a slide show showing different stages and when the next slide popped up and it was of RE4 Leon, I felt my heart come out of my chest for a second before completely settling down and thinking nothing of it. I'll always be a Resident Evil fan, most importantly a Leon fan, in heart! xD

Anyway, we made an egg. Yes, out of a sphere. We just had to squish the top part up and ta-da, an egg. Actually, both my classes today had at least one thing to do with an egg, no clue why.

In Production 1, we learnt of perspective, using vanishing points. Of course, I learnt this kind of thing in Year 8 in Art class, but it was a nice refresher.

Tomorrow will be the use of the data I gain from my interviews, somewhat nervous but at least I know I'm not alone as I'm definitely enjoying the people in my class.

Last Thursday, I played Game of Life with three other guys who I was sitting with while listening to the lecturer. I won! ^_^ But I had like 8 kids in the process. -_-
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Feb 24, 16 6:36pm

It's been a week since I've started my course and I'm really enjoying.

Although, first off, once I got the train and was on my way out, I was putting my card back in my bag when a lady comes up to me and asks if this was the right station. I just replied with a 'yeah', she thanked me and continued on. Then, after college, I was on my way back to the train station when I was stopped at the lights by another lady asking where the train station was. I suppose I look friendly or something. :laugh:

Anyway, here's an orange:

Now, of course, this isn't complete, but I'll say it looks pretty good... apart from not looking very orangey.

Not else much to say except: Detective Red.
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Feb 17, 16 6:42pm

As a few of you know, I've decided to go into a diploma of Game Development. And it's as I imagined it would be.

I had two different lessons today, being the first day for me. Introduction to 3D and Production. Introduction to 3D is basically as the title says. I'm using a software called 'Maya', which is used across various places such as animation. Production is about the Pre-Production part of doing concept art. The group I'm in are all doing Game Development, so the lecturer said this would be really good for us. (It was really hilarious when he got us to do some quick portrait sketches of the person sitting next to us. We only had 10 seconds for one sketch, that was so funny!)

Although I have to spend a lot of study time away from Neoseeker, I'll still always be here. And I feel like making these blogs some points of my progress throughout this course, just so you guys know what's up with my limited activity and such. I am looking heaps forward to this and seeing where it takes me!
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Jan 27, 16 6:27pm

Hi, I don't usually do things like these, but I really, really needed to let this out after some frustration I'm currently having at the moment. Now, from what I know, this is going to be long, so I'll put little pin-points at the end of it in case you don't want to read.

So, pre-2010, I wasn't into any real franchise. I enjoyed games for what they were and took no care in their fandoms, until 2010 when I started playing Resident Evil 4. I decided to find more information about it and eventually went back and played the other games as well as the ones after it and then I finally found out about it's fandom. Resident Evil's fandom isn't actually that bad. Of course, there are disagreements like everywhere else, but taken away from that, I got on with quite a lot of people and really, really enjoyed my four years of being in the franchise and its fandom.

Then my interests changed in 2014/2015, where I got 'bored' with Resident Evil, as most of my friends got New Gen consoles and I was basically left alone. That when I found the Sonic franchise (thanks to Roger Craig Smith actually) and learnt about it. I enjoyed the Sonic games (except for Unleashed and Black Knight, but we won't go into that) and I really, really loved the music. However, coming into 2016 (the year for Sonic's 25th anniversary), I realized how far away I was from its fandom. I couldn't relate to it. I hadn't grown up with Sonic or even Mario for that matter. I just... didn't care for his 25th anniversary as much as everyone else did. And so, I've just basically ignored all the rumors and such and felt heaps distant from everyone else. I also found out that it was hard to get along with a lot of people. All there was were debates. 'How to make the games better' and 'why these characters sucked' and I just didn't care! It made me grow out of the franchise... I just, didn't want to play Sonic games anymore (but the music I still listen to). And now I'm feeling empty. I don't know what franchise I want to get into (although, from watching SGB's Sly Cooper Playthroughs, I'm really growing towards Sly Cooper at the moment) and I just feel like I don't know who I am anymore. I used to know who I was when I was into Resident Evil, I used to somewhat know who I was when I was into Sonic and I now... I just don't know.

From my experience, fandoms can pretty much ruin games you play, if the fandom isn't very good. Sonic doesn't have a good fandom, end of story. Resident Evil is meh, but I'd say it's better than Sonic.

I'm just sad that wanting to get to know people that have similar interests with you can often make you dislike that interest. No gonna lie, I know heaps of great people from the Sonic franchise... (most of them being the ones who read my fanfictions), but I just wish we could not always look at the negatives.

Welp, I'm gonna go play some games in which I could care less about the fandoms and keep it that way. See you around.
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