13 hours ago
Would like to apologize for my absence, but my laptop is still getting fixed.
2 days ago
That's right, I have a PS4 and 3 copies of RE6 now!
Apr 26, 16 4:33pm
It's really good seeing the activity in the Paranormal forum like it used to be back in 2011 as I remember it.
Apr 26, 16 3:41pm
I need to find some good Chris clips, the one I used crashed Generations xD
haalyle shared a forum thread
Apr 26, 16 2:57pm


C'mon, we all have our different opinions and views. So it's only common we probably like something someone else does

haalyle shared a video from youtube.com
Apr 26, 16 12:48pm
All Sonic Episode loading screens from '06 http://bit.ly/1VUkg4F YEAH!
Apr 26, 16 8:56am
Oh and I did a reference to RE6 in my '06 playthrough when tolling the bells... gosh darn it!
Apr 26, 16 8:38am
So, the wisdom tooth in the top right is only half in and my wisdom tooth in the top left is just coming in. Ah!
haalyle shared a forum thread
Apr 24, 16 8:51pm


As we all know it, the birthday of our dear, beloved blue hedgehog is coming up rather soon. With no news that a game will co

haalyle shared a forum thread
Apr 24, 16 8:47pm


Think of it how Sonic Generations laid it out. Sonic has many different eras, from classics, to the 'Dreamcast' era a

Apr 23, 16 9:49am
Ah man, I know I can get 90 points like that Japanese dude on archery!
Apr 22, 16 8:58pm
Gotta get used to Leon being Espio... jeez, when it was Jake, it wasn't so bad xD
Apr 22, 16 5:12pm
Elegant Sonic, at your service!
Apr 21, 16 10:53pm
When Sonic was locked inside I was like WTF? And then I saw him standing there thinking and I was like... WTF? xD
Apr 21, 16 5:20pm
'Ah, Eggplant's Garden' 'Eggman!' XD Ah mum, thanks for the hilarious time!
Apr 21, 16 1:39pm
Limited activity until my laptop gets 'fixed', it makes a terrible noise every now and then... don't know what's causing it yet.
Apr 20, 16 7:16pm
Got M&S at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games for 3DS and Sonic Generations for 3DS today, along with a new headset. I'm gonna huddle in my corner.
haalyle shared a forum thread (@Gradivus)
Apr 20, 16 6:10pm


I'm Gradivus, going to say that I've never played any Sonic games but this one looks pretty interesting none the less

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