Guess what! I finished Tomodachi Life, time to really finish 4 -_- Ugh, I died 4 times yesterday.
Aw, Lily is growing up so fast! xD
I've been playing Tomodachi Life two days straight. OK, back to RE xD
Why am I so obsessed with... Tomodachi Life? xD
Idiots... everywhere!
Running you over on a mailbox!
Nothing new, obviously!
Aqua I shall use xD
Oh well... it was fun while it lasted xD
I told you... don't hit me in the face with a pole!
You should see me trying to play RE6 Mercs on solo lol
So... what's up?
Nice matches HunterKiller666 next time, hopefully, no hackers xD
You're back on my good list HunterKiller666 xD
Free cake!!! :D
Can't post anymore... Á bientôt!
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