Don't you just love a glitched up BSOD?
So, what's up?
Did you wake up on the 'right' side of the bed this mornings?
Natasha (which im assuimg is your name bc thats what your profile tells me) come back to the NDL!
Alright, doing better now... thank goodness!
Loving the Sonic Boom TV Show at the moment!
Internet problems. The only website I can go on is Neoseeker...
And then I find out... I'm still somehow growing xD
I've subbed to you're youtube account, you've got some decent videos on there.
As much as I hate to write this, I am 700 words into 'Fifty Shades of Sonic', I've completed the first chapter!
Fifty Shades of Sonic - A Work In Progress xD
Haalyle, that gamer...
Oh well, I didn't pass. I'll be going back on the 27th...
I hope I pass my Ps tomorrow, it's putting me through so much stress...
Give me suggestions on what I should dress up as!
Back at school... yay...
'You should be on the blue rail, you look blue!' You think?!
Give me the craziest pairing you can come up with!
I don't understand myself... why Sonic of every game out there?
Not looking forward to school... I need to sort out a few things.
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