Exams coming up... goodbye RE4 :(
Who should I use for my French orals? xD
Let's settle this mano a mano xD
What did I get myself into? :/
Playing RE4 & RE6 at the same time!
I believe so xD
Addicted to Leon
Sometimes I should take a break... but I don't xD
I had a dream where I was playing RE6 and apparently one of the bosses was a giant slice of pizza...
So, what do ya think?
Give You what You Like is now a song I listen to a lot. Thanks HunterKiller666 xD
Guess what! I finished Tomodachi Life, time to really finish 4 -_- Ugh, I died 4 times yesterday.
Aw, Lily is growing up so fast! xD
I've been playing Tomodachi Life two days straight. OK, back to RE xD
Why am I so obsessed with... Tomodachi Life? xD
Idiots... everywhere!
Running you over on a mailbox!
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