Tetris is a freakin' creepy pervert.

It's hard not to resist looking at something that stands out because it's out of the ordinary, something which always

'Life is way too short to take it slow', my new motto xD
Hi, fancy seeing you here!
I'm a girl, what do you expect?!
Never dig too deep into a fandom. You may never get back out!
G'day! So, what's up?
Alright, today's streaming day. Hold on everyone! I'll be there in a sec!
Is trying to draw... It's failing!
How loud do you want me to shout till you get the message? I DON'T ROLE-PLAY!!! stuff that annoys me
I have a slight problem... I can't get back into Resident Evil! NOOOO!!!!
Wow, the past really does reflect for my future... who knew?
G'day... I have nothing to say! (pretend I sang that!)
Some more GOTM (Sonic Generations) Streaming, join in!
Some more GOTM (Sonic Generations) Streaming, join in! http://bit.ly/1Grh3k7
"If the user's character picks up a Chao, and snuggles it, the character appears to be having sex with the Chao." - SA Debug Info
is drawing her own Sonic OC xD
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