13 hours ago
Getting Sonic Toon: Fire & Ice limited set from Japan around next month. Oh man! >.
Oct 21, 16 9:14am
I spelt Nintendo wrong, whoops.
Oct 21, 16 8:25am
Sorry, but I don't quite understand the Nintedo Switch's hype.
Oct 17, 16 10:42pm
So, I softlocked Shadow's Episode in 06 by accident. Thankfully, I didn't save.
haalyle shared a forum thread (@IamthebestNever)
Oct 16, 16 10:16pm


* Tails has the ability to hover, use his pistol to fire beams of light that are reflected by certain objects, which is handy

haalyle shared a link
Oct 16, 16 2:29pm


As Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice includes some concept art for the TV show and ties-in with the show, what do you think of the T

Oct 14, 16 7:09am
Limited activity due to internet being terrible at the moment. Hope it's fixed up soon!
Oct 9, 16 9:12am
And then I looked at these three copies of Unleashed like 'wat am i doin' tho. 06 is better D:'
haalyle shared a forum thread (@IamthebestNever)
Oct 9, 16 9:06am


] What Sonic games have you played and on what platforms? Which ones make you the most nostalgic? For those of you Sonic f

haalyle shared a forum thread
Oct 6, 16 5:00pm


I'm happy with the game, but I kinda wish there was more you could do with this mechanic. Like using ice to freeze water

Oct 3, 16 9:12pm
Well, I'm 92% done with Fire & Ice.
haalyle shared a forum thread (@IamthebestNever)
Oct 2, 16 8:11pm


What's your favourite character to play as in Fire & Ice and why? Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles or Sticks - which one a

haalyle shared a forum thread (@uraniumoreo)
Oct 2, 16 12:14pm


http://i.imgur.com/fRSQmlv.png?1 Hey everyone, it's been a while but it's time for another round of Hurt n' Heal

Oct 1, 16 4:52pm
Once I finish Fire & Ice, then I'll do a review, K?
Oct 1, 16 12:44pm
That face when, I accidently broke Fire & Ice... whoops xD
haalyle shared a forum thread (@Chimaira)
Sep 27, 16 9:44pm


http://i65.tinypic.com/igmb2r.png It's that time of the month again and it's time for you to nominate a member who

Sep 27, 16 9:27pm
I don't get it... why is the ending of my 06 YT playthrough making me sad? D: I really enjoyed it!
Sep 27, 16 6:52am
I always believed our rats had a huge party while we were away.
Sep 20, 16 7:20pm
I ate the cake. Yeah. What are you going to do about it?
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