I'm sorry dear, but I'm deaf from all the s*** you've been telling me xD
The first game to buy on Steam?
Bonjour! Ça va? Moi, trés bien.
Screw Steam, I'm sticking to PS3!
HUNK vs. Leon. Mr Death wins again :D
"Life's Too Short" 'I am NOT the prophecy!'
**No Comment**

With the amount of other question polls, I didn't see this one. I'm going to go with the fact you know the colour

Uh... school. French. I love it!
TellTale remake RE4, what do you think?
My VG Crush is.... no one! OH! XD
Jeremy has no idea who my VG Crush is... no one knows...
On my 56th run of RE4. Wish me luck ;) XD
Well, today could have went better...
http://bit.ly/1aO0fEP There's no use. I play it more than stand around looking at stuff
Uh, going back to RE4 after two weeks of Minecraft. Sucks... my Wii was flat again XD
People better get off the road! I've got my Ls! :D
I don't think people know my name XD
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