Tonight i want to start a save with Aston Villa and only sign UK & Irish players. I want to create 3 tactics but want som

Who has been your biggest coup signing? Might not be best signing but Ive just signed Xavi on a free transfer on £14

The other week I started a save thinking just try and get it to last to the new patch. I wanted to play total football with V

What is the longest youve seen? Im in 2nd season of my villa save and message just came up saying Man U haven't lost i

Im 2 games away from finishing 1st season as Villa manager and will finish either 5th or 6th shockingly. I am 3rd top goalsco

Whats the lowest amount of points have you seen for a team in a season? I know my season isnt completed and I know that

I just had one of those games that is a rollercoster. One were you think how am i losing this. One were you think what change

First of all I would like to give the credit to this Comp to @burton boy@ who created it for

How easy would it be to create a league of international teams instead of say premier league. So we have a season of Internat

On a previous save I created Filters and just starting a new save and want my filters but wont let me upload them. Ive sav

I was wondering if anyone has ever took control of more than one team at the same time on one save. Ive been tempted to do

Im tempted to do a save from the lowest English league available to download and try and build a team up as high as possible.

I want to create two tactics that are basically the same apart from tempo for my Aston Villa save. I originally was going to

Just wondering if you have ever signed a player because of 1 good performance whether its against you or you just noticed.

Just wondering how you would improve this team. Where the weak link? I want English Welbeck was joint 2nd top goalscorer with Cavani wit

Just completed my 1st season with Villa. Came 13th. Benteke league top goalscorer with 21 goals. First sold Bacuna £

Thursday night I played football manager and went on a 10 game unbeaten run with Villa with wins against Man C, Spurs, Southa _Proud History * Bright Future - The Regrowth_ _ Monday 3rd June 2013_ http://i57.ti

Started with Villa the other day and have started the season good but I know with a few tweeks I could do better. After 25 ga

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