This has been something bugging me for a long time, but I haven't made a thread since this forum seemed low on activity,

Assist Trophy get! What did I get? NeoSeeker? Not bad. Huh? Oh, hey guys, let me pause my 'custom' Smash Bros. and

_Worlds Collide_ A Super Smash Bros. FanFiction! Welcome one and all to 'Worlds Collide', a Super Smash Bros.

Ok, so let's say SSB4 had a story mode like the Subspace Emissary, which characters would you stick together? I don

Wow, hard to believe it's almost been a year since I joined Neo. O.O

I will travel across the land, searching far a wide... Presenting, Who's that Character? Inspired by 'Who&

Woooo! I'm veeeery scaaaary, be afraaaaid. ... ..Are you scared yet? :bigfrown: Ok, why do I start every thread

Guys! You won't believe it! The newest game in that one series is out now! Aren't you excited?! What do you mean you

I know I'm not the only one who's noticed this... So, as the title asks, why? In HG/SS the music was updated an

Didn't know what tag to use... Onto the point, I'm trying to get some dex fills, since I was too lazy to finish it

So, I just had an interesting thought about our pal Looker. Is he the Looker we all think he is, or was he someone else be

BOO! Hahaha, I got you! :XD; Wait, what? It didn't scare you? Oh come on... :( Onto the topic at hand, have you _-About Us-_ Welcome to the Mega Warriors of

Besides me of course...fine, I'll give other people a chance for now... One reason I'm making this thread is becau

What is it? What could possibly be different from normal Mega Evolution? Oh, woops, forgot to make an introduction, meh, what

Decided to just make this a basic Pokemon references since mine probably wouldn't be that big. So, where have you noti

_A TravelThrough Hoenn_ Welcome readers, to a journey through the Hoenn region! This may seem to be a typical run thro

First what, you ask? Good question! If only someone knew...wait a minute... Well, what was your first anything I suppose.

Yes people who have never heard of Manga, probably everyone here knows what it is, but..uh...nevermind, le

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