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Jul 25, 15 12:29pm In order to boost activity in the SMD forum before the game comes out, me and @IamthebestNe

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Jul 20, 15 12:02pm

Finally decided to report something, didn't I? Wait, I forgot to make a joke. o.O What's going on? Uh, anyway, so

Jul 14, 15 12:53am
Wow, sometimes it's such a hassle to get the right Pokemon for just one egg move...
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Jul 02, 15 8:50am

Alright, so here's the plan, I'll type up the thread, then when that's done, I'll signal to post the thread,

Jun 28, 15 10:17am
Man, there's so many games I want to write reviews on! Wait, you want me to tell you which ones? Uh, no. You'll just have to wait and see!
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Jun 27, 15 1:20pm

Uh...I can't think of a joke to start this thread of with...meh, whatever. Anyway! I'm sure you're wondering w

Jun 21, 15 8:09am
Woo! Bring it on summer break! (Wait, I finished last week, so why didn't I post this at that time? Meh, whatever!)
Jun 11, 15 3:29am
Random Question Time! What features would you guys want to see implemented into a Kanto map in Minecraft?
Jun 09, 15 10:11am
Wow, Rumble World certainly scored pretty low on my review, eh?
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Jun 07, 15 12:20pm

I'll let you guys have three guess on what this thread is about. That's right! Coincidence and Pokemon! :salty:

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May 22, 15 12:09am

In all the past games, we've been able to name our Rescue Team, certainly it will return here. What are you guys gonna

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May 22, 15 12:04am

Mystery Dungeon is known for some of the best plots ever. *cough*Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky*cough* So, what kind of plo

May 21, 15 10:39am
Anyone interested in giving some feedback on my latest fanfiction? :)
May 15, 15 4:49am
Thinking of writing another review...although not sure of what...any suggestions?
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May 12, 15 10:06am

_Shine in the Darkness_ _Table of Contents_ _Characters_ _Alpha_ A bit of a hot head with a strong sense

May 11, 15 10:27am
I wish good people weren't going extinct...
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May 08, 15 12:48am

So, uh, yeah! Mythical creatures, in the real world that is, so no Mew or what not. Unicorns, fairies and other random th

May 07, 15 1:18pm
Finally got myself a decent cell phone! :D
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Apr 28, 15 7:07am

So, I've seen a thread or two like this and thought, eh, why not? I'll make my own thread! :D (Did I really start a t

Apr 22, 15 10:46am
Trying to think of something humorous or deep to post on my wall...but I got nothing...
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