May 19, 16 12:16pm
Gotta love games that take so long to open, that by the time they're ready to go you don't feel like playing it anymore.
Mar 24, 16 11:02am
Just went to my first anime convention. Was a lot better than I thought it would be...and my expectations were already pretty high. :D
gsdfhf shared a forum thread
Feb 22, 16 9:08am Anyone who knows me, knows that I really want to see another entry in the Ranger series. W

Feb 01, 16 10:36pm
-Open Game -Realize you want to play a different game -Close first game and realize you want to play the first game as the second one opens
Jan 17, 16 11:45am
Sometimes I wish I had nothing to do just so I could write another entry to one of my fanfictions or my Everything Wrong with series...
Dec 17, 15 6:57am
Taking me forever to finish another post in my Everything Wrong with thread. Also need to finish something else I've left for awhile...
gsdfhf shared a forum thread
Dec 14, 15 8:09am

Hello people of PokeLounge. It's been awhile since I last posted here, but now the Dark Knight has returned! I mean...I&#

gsdfhf shared a forum thread
Nov 03, 15 9:56pm A Zoroark event has randomly started being distributed via Nint

gsdfhf shared a forum thread
Oct 21, 15 8:16am Welcome, one and all, to...well, wh

Oct 20, 15 10:01am
Time. When you don't have any spare, you wish you did. When you do, you have nothing to do with it.
gsdfhf shared a forum thread
Sep 20, 15 8:05am

I totally didn't finally decide to make this thread because of the 'Best Pokemon Movie' thread. I have no idea wh

gsdfhf shared a forum thread
Sep 15, 15 1:12pm

So, I just remembered this thing from back in Black and White. Sometimes, on TV in Black and White, you can see what Pokem

Sep 08, 15 7:37am
Ugh, I wish the eShop updated more often...
Aug 31, 15 6:42am
Wish the PokéFiction forum was more active. :/
gsdfhf shared a forum thread
Aug 27, 15 12:07am

Got this idea from another forum somewhere. I know there have been threads like this before, but allow me to explain. I ju

gsdfhf shared a forum thread
Aug 26, 15 7:15am

In most stories...ok, probably every story, but whatever...there are a few drastic events that make people wonder what's

Aug 25, 15 10:56am
Why are there even limited uses on eShop demos? We already have limited content, but we're also limited to how much we can use it? Ugh...
Aug 23, 15 8:06am
Hard to believe that it's been nearly 2 years since Project Mirai released in Japan and only now is America getting it...
Aug 12, 15 1:29pm
Achievement Get! Obtain Amiibo! :D
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