So we've all heard rumors here and there about the Wii U version having exclusive characters or that connecting the two g

Couldn't think of a better title... Well, what I mean here is, have you ever been playing a game and you're nearly

Ok, this may sound stupid, but where is the Smash Demo on the Eshop? I've looked everywhere and can't find it, can so

Ok, I want to try something here. Basically, it's another code thread but I had an idea this time. _Don't post

Kinda got the idea for this from the thread about starting the series over. This question though, is the exact opposite. How

"Someone page the king of Awesome?"

Dear freaking lord, if I had a dollar for every time someone said there are too many Pokemon characters. Seriously, why a

We all use this term, but do we even know what we are referring to? Ash's dream is to become a Pokemon Master, but what d

_Super Pokemon Bros!_ Welcome one and all to my very first giveaway! However I've decided to change it up a little fro

"Always watching..."

So, I've got a question for you all. Why do people prefer live action films over anything else? I think that people just

Ok, so I need your advice guys. For some weird reason, I decided to make a team with two Mega Pokemon. I have no idea why, bu

Don't know where else to put this... Anyways, I need your help. I'm thinking of becoming a Youtuber (mainly Minecr

Just confirmed by Serebii, there will be a shiny Jirachi event at the Pokemon Center in Tohouku. Check it out for yourself if

(I couldn't think of a better title :P ) So, I was just wondering what everyone's main team was in each generation

So, I was thinking on how they will incorporate features from Emerald into these games, plot wise that is. I came up with

Kinda curious to see just how lucky or how long people are willing to wait to get a shiny Pokemon. So, as I stated in the ti

Just wanted to post about something I thought of way back when Greninja was announced. Now, I know that people played the

So, I assume lot's of people are comparing HG/SS to OR/AS and guessing what to expect, but one thing I'm wondering is

There's just some of us out there that for some reason want to capture legendary Pokemon in the iconic Pokeball. So, I th

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