Age: **
Full Name: Aina Azlan
Nationality: Asia
DOB: Oct.27.1989

Hobbies Wow, I have alot of Hobbies. First of all, I LURVE to travel, I like to watch diffrent animes [ Naruto, bleach, Fooly Cooly, Fullmetal alchemist, Deathnote, Lucky Star ] I Like To Cook [<3] Read.

Animes Naruto I Saw Some Mangas And Thought Kakashi was one Of Those Weirdos In Those Cartoons. Then I Started To Want To Watch It, So I Watched The First Episode, and Thought It was a Great Anime and Decided To Watch Every Episode. Suprisingly, I Did In Just a Few Weeks [AND Caught Up With The Shippuden Series.]

Other Animes Are Just Animes I Watch For Fun, I Really Don't Like Them As Much as Naruto.

Pets Sad...But I Had 2 Cats [Both Male] The First One Ran Away Because Of Our Dog, The Second ran away Because Of The First Cat. We Still Have 1 Corn Snake, and 1 Remaining Long-Haired Chihuahua. The Other 2 Died [1 got Stuck Between a fence The Other Got Ran Over By a Car] We Had Tons Of Fish, All But One Died. We Had Three Birds, 1 Died By Choking On His Food, Another Got Eaten By My Neighbors Cat, and The Other..Just..Died.. ._.

Friend Requests Umm..No. If You Just PM Out Of Nowhere That You Wanna Be my Friend..Uhh..Most Likely Is That I Won't Accept Or Ignore It. I Have More Then Enough Friends, and Now I Don't Even Have The Time to Talk To Them. So Yeah, Don't Get So Full Of Yourself.

Acronyms Like WTF OR SeeuL8r is a serious No-No when Your talking To Me. It'll Cause Deadly Consequences.

AndyDS Thanks a Bunch For Coding My neo-home! ^^
SnoopyMaster AIKAHAMBA, I Haven't Been Contacting YOU In awhile. We're Still Friends...Right?
He's a hyper-active knuckle head, at least everyone calls him that. he has a Bijuu[Monster] Sealed within him called, The Nine-Tailed Fox.
Iruka Has Similairities,Both Have No Parents. Naruto Has No Parents Nor Any Siblings.

Naruto Calls Him a Brother, Because Of His Close Bonds. Naruto Says In Episode 125 -135 That He was One Of His First Bonds, and Says Whenever He's With him, He Feels Like It's Like Having a Brother.
Sasuke 'Breaks' These So called Bonds, Or At least Try To. He Also Tried to kill Naruto, T Get The Mangakyou Sharingan to kill Itachi, and Also to Join Orochimaru. Later On, Sasuke Didn't Want to Kill Naruto Because It'd Show Itachi That Sasuke Followed What He Said When Sasuke Was a Child.

Naruto and Sakura's Sensei, And Sasuke's Former Sensei. When He was a Child His Sensei Was Yondaime, Still Not The Fourth Hokage. In His Team Was Rin [ a Person Like Sakura, But Was a Medical-nin At The Start, and Liked Kakashi] Obito [ Who Acted Like Naruto and Was Treated Like Naruto, He Has The Blood Of a Uchiha ] and Kakashi [ Who Acted Like Sasuke (Self-Confident)] When They Were On a Mission, and During The Process, Obito Died and Kakashi Was Given The Sharingan.
Other things