My friend deleted my whole game... BUT I STILL BEAT IT!!!!! Boogie Wii
I liked this game. But, it did fool me at first, mainly because I suck at it! SoulBubbles DS
I love dead ringer! Just the part of the whacking and the winning and the ... ummm... GoosebumpsHorrorLand Wii
Better than Heart Gold... you know, shouldn't Gold be better than Silver? PokemonSoulSilverVersion DS
Fun, not as good as Soul Silver... PokemonHeartGoldVersion DS
Kirby so cute and puffy and awesome! KirbySuperStarUltra DS
Yum, blood! Like that guys a vampire... Kind of obvious. "You Don't Say?" ProfessorLaytonandTheDiabolicalBox DS
What a twist at the end! SSSHHH! No secrets being told here! You figure this one out by yourself! ProfessorLaytonandTheCuriousVillage DS
Woof! Parrot toy! My dogs hate that thing! NintendogsChihuahuaandFriends DS
Polly want a cracker! My Dogs think that Polly is crackers... NintendogsDachshundandFriends DS
Cute little hats do look look cute on dogs! NintendogsDalmatianandFriends DS
Running around a bunch of different worlds doesn't have much to do with the Olympics. Just to let Nintendo and Sega know for a fact. MarioandSonicAtTheOlympicWinterGames Wii
Ive gotten a world record on every event, trust me... it was NOT easy... MarioandSonicAtTheOlympicGames Wii
I love Rob! Especially his kart with the leggy thingy. I really should remember what thats called... MarioKartDS DS
Gingy's house is the easiest to get those flys. I've got more than I can spend! ShrekSuperSlam Xbox
Hate this game.... I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PetzWildAnimalsDolphinz DS
I defeated that on like the second day I had it. Well, I was kind of obsessive... SimAnimals Wii
The only thing I actually really liked were the stunts and Goth Boys threads. MySimsRacing Wii
If you think about the point of a kingdom with a king on a U. F. O. it kind of sounds weird... MySimsKingdom DS
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