Like the title says I beaten the game and felt like it was more of an interactive movie that needs more of a story that build

Im just woundering......why after gameing for 17 years im starting to lose interest in gameing all together and it started to progress within the last two years?

i tried looking for this and im not sure if its out there but i need help figuring out the probability/statisticts of an egg

I would like to know if someone could help me get a 6 ived ditto for breeding I might have something worth trading depening o

What's your guys likes and dislikes about the game? My likes are: 1.costumization of the character 2.making the to

I know that there might be something out in the forums about this but im at work right now and using my phone right niw but I

Am I the only one that uses it and tries to get the unobtainable berries ans goes overboard on growing the berries?

Who ever finished the ending of this knows this and can agree that it was a really sad ending and wish it ended differently a

I would like to buy the game but im not sure if I would like it even though I like that genera of games. Ive heard mixed thou

Need two of them can someone trade them to me im in my first year with some matiral and I can work something out

Whos all getting the game when it comes out and what are your thoughts on what will come to game and hope to see in the game

Is anyone else on the 360 version having issues logging online even though they are already signed in online and everything(o

Im having trouble going online with the game even though my system says im online and I tried both wireless and hard wired in

I'm still new to ac in general and I'm just curious is when I had access to turnips in my old save before starting a

I'm just woundering a few things do you have to pay for online(not talking about your psn/xbox account) and if so how muc

I would like to know if a few people would like to creat a world with me sometime on the 360 version and play when we can. I

I'm obviously new to this game but can anyone help me understand this game a little bit better than just being told it

Dose anyone need specific items from the mine since they are either filling up my storage space and or giving me to much prof

I need atleast two of them so I can make an ultra hammer so I can get access to the third spot to increas the amount of mater

I know there might be a thread out there but I'm not going through the effort to look but all I want to know is, where is


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