vaporeongirl2010 is now known as grimAuxiliatrix
I want my package. >.
"I'm not trying to be sexist, but..." Well you sure as hell aren't succeeding.
changed her custom title to "Sylph of Space"
changed her avatar to avatar
Wait, so now I'm a Wiki Mod???
I am in the presence of a goddess.
Happy birthday Steve Rogers! :D
So is the entire second set of Homestuck trolls a tumblr pun or what?
After syncing my phone five times, it finally got the message that I want my music on it. >.>
Tori is officially a Slytherin! :D
Goddamnit, I don't want to do the *bleep*ing cold water challenge...
That awkward moment when you forget that you're logged into other sites while using tumblr and people were messaging you...

I love Frozen. I've seen that five times too. c: I have the deluxe soundtrack with outtake songs... read more

Tori is getting a pixie cut because Tori is done with long hair. Too much work. >.>

Loki is my favorite character from the mcu, so I had to learn all of his lines from that movie. ^^" read more

It's just for my high school art class, so it isn't very good. I can post a picture next week once it's painted though. read more