Just because it's Frank Sinatra doesn't mean it's great!
Got to receive the shipment of the new Dark Souls games at work today and Pocky is sooooo jealous. ^-^

I saw it today and I'm still a bit taken aback because it did not go in the direction I thought it would. read more

What even was Kingsmen?????
-awkwardly wonders what the gym badge things are-
Word limits are murder. .-.

I knew this one existed but I never seriously considered it until a friend jokingly showed me some... read more

Have you ever found that one ship that you didn't know you shipped until someone finds fanart and suddenly oh, you ship it?

Thanks guys! A friend actually gave me a link to it last night but I'll be sure to keep it in mind... read more

Ugh, I just want to watch this one movie. Why is it so hard to find a working video player?????
Looks like I'm getting a 128GB iPhone 6 in April.
-needs to write- -updates tumblr theme instead-
I love having money to buy people actual presents. ^-^
I can't sleep, I'm too busy speculating and fangirling over an Avengers movie that hasn't even started filming yet...
likes Daffila's status update: "Just spooked a poor 7th grader so that he jumped at least a foot into the air and screamed like he was a five yr old girl! XD"
It is too *bleep*ing early...
Ahhhhhhh, I am soooo not ready for the SAT. Not ready at all. Nope. Kinda freaking out now.
Just bought ~146 audio files from my first ever Pokemon games. ^-^
Got through my first Rosetta Stone lesson for my Japanese class. This is going to be a fun year. ^-^

I just posted a new story today and I'm working on two but last year I purged my account of... read more

People still read my fanfiction.net stories? What?