I love playing Video Games as stated in my Interests. But what makes them better is I got my girl friend hooked on games too. Nothing makes gaming more fun than having the one you love's eyes light up and get really excited as she saves me from a Smokers death pull or watching her progress through Fable 2. Makes me appreciate the games more when someone is around who enjoys them just as much. A little game called "Peggle" is usually a nightly ritual for us. I also have a thing for cars, my favorites are from the Honda-Acura family. Feels great installing a new part or getting it running again all by yourself. And I/we just picked up Bicycling, what a great workout and way to just let go and have a great time..
Well, that is a little about me..
-The End :D


Of course Video Gaming is a huge hobby of mine. I love all kinds of gaming, console, pc, handheld, phones. I personally own a Xbox 360 so that is my favorite console(but I love PS3 and Wii as well). I have a great interest in shooters and rpgs but play racing, action, and puzzle games as well.


Xbox Live Gamer Tag- green1eech
add me if you want, but send message saying from neoseeker..

Currently Playing - Bioshock 2 and Left 4 Dead 2

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