Darkel graymonkey44
Dec 27, 04 7:24am
...By Darkel

DQ Maniac graymonkey44
Oct 5, 04 9:33pm
TommyVercetti graymonkey44
Sep 8, 04 7:47pm
Hey how's it going. I was just checking out the San Andreas forum and decided to sign your guestbook. I don't really sign people's guestbook's a lot so this is something special. I'll see you around the San Andreas forum, can't wait till this game comes out.
Princess Peach graymonkey44
Aug 30, 04 5:28am
^^ Hello and welcome to the Neoseeker forums! I hope you enjoy posting and making tons of new friends here.

I saw Mario in your list of top 10 video game characters, so I've decided to stamp your guestbook!

See ya later!