I don't have a stamp either, but planning to have one soon. Thanks for signing my guessbook, and enjoy the neoseeker forums! Have a good day!
Wow, thanks for signing my guestbook *feels special*
And it's totally okay about that avatar thing.

Hmmm...I don't have a stamp, but I have a cool pic of Yuffie -

Thanks,you were the first person to sign my guest book. So I'm signing yours.

I don't have my own stamp yet sooo...
Dont have my own Stamp but I figured I would sign ur guestbook have a nice day
seems u like it too lol, anyways hi and u signed mine so ill sign urs
Hey, thought I'd sign your guestbook, nice to see another hardcore FF7 fan around here, well see ya in the forums. Will you sign mine back? (it's optional though)

Thought I'd finally get back to you on the stamp I promised. It's a bit small but I can't make it bigger... So here goes

Second stamp worked! WOOO! I'm on a role

Cya around

Cute Chao

You signed mine so I'll be nice,


Sorry, still playing around with my stamps.

C ya around the forums!

Yo yo yo!! Thnx soo much for signing my GB! Sorry I signed kinda late . I was busy playing my Xbox and doing school stuff. I know you'll feel great now cuz I signed your Guestbook! Send me Pm's if you need someone to chat to or need some pix or whatever! Sometimes I'm not always on, but. Oh well

Hey, come chat in these forums if ya can XD!


I'd love you to come!!!!

Bye Bye Now!!

Your Bestest Buddi,

Thanks for signing my Guesst book! I wish I could attach a stamp, but I don't know how to...sorry!


PS: The Champ waz here!
Thought I'd finally sign your guestbook after giving up the fight with my pc for a stamp... I will win one of these days, when my computer is least suspecting it *evilly laughs*