Ja que es um dos nossos (Tuga) e gostas de Naruto decidi passar por ca e deixar uma stamp
Hope you like it...

[b]Então maskéisto! És um gajo porreiro, um Tuga dos nossos e ainda não assinei o teu G-Book!? Mau! LOL, bem fica bem.[b]

hey gonzab, well, here's my sign yo, i haven't got a stamp shot yet so, i'll just whrite to ya, hope we meet again....
Ziozone Emperor

mesma coisa do que a mensagem, ainda bem que te conheçi, si9nais de evolução e coisas assim...sem mais comentários...

Thank you for adding Naruto into your Favourite Forums. I hope to see you participating there soon for a hopeful General Naruto forum! Here you are:

Declaring my Gaara obsession everywhere XD.
Here is the other stamp I made (like I promised, yesterday on msn.)

It's a long time ago, that I last signed your GB.

What do you think of this stamp I made?

Took about 3 day's to make the image but the BG was just a few seconds. :D

Since you signed my gb now I'm signing yours.

Hope you like the stamp.
Yay for you, Portugal's a pretty cool place and that stamp you used was pretty slick. >.>

Thanks for commenting on my work and I would stamp you, but I haven't done many good ones.
Here's something I made. Enjoy.

Thanks for the stamp. =D
hi maybe you don't know so let me introduce myself I am Godhimself and i love the Winning Eleven and PES. I think i am a good player its a shame i don't have broadband and the online game to challenge you a match.
Hey, checked my guestbok seen ya stamped me and realised I havent stamped back in a while, so you can be the first to have my brand new stamp enjoy!

Hi! i have so many peolple i owe signings to lol >_<

Its so nice to be able to smile, knowing you make me happy......we can all dream right, its what makes me wanna fly.

From ~*CP*~
Thanks for the stamp! I really like it . I dont even know how you found me XD. Well doesnt matter, wana be neofriends?

Here I am again,

I have given you one of my images but I don't know if did it correctly so could you PM me if you have him or don't have him?

It should be an image of Vaan

I really like you thanks for your stamp and I'm sorry that I can't send you one, I hope your OK with that, and thanks for signing my guestbook.
hey seen you on ffx-2 and your cool and your stamps are too so decided to stamp back tell me what you think tell me what you think. lets keep the pm conversation up.see you in ffx-2.

stay cool

[img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0TwAmA*4Y2wT3sacOtr3o7oVasuvTy!v17ZOBgz7iVpWbMPGo0R*5W9QRL3haFtNqlaVthcGdajQ6xw4c8BpO!l148Ar4WMEjvsF9!UkvIqmgmlJqB09ueQ/eternal1.gif?dc=4675441684110618070[/img] I always signback!

ja ne
Thought id do the honours of signing your GB

hi gonzab you stamped my guestbook and we chatted in the ff-2 forum so i thought i would stamp you back so here it is tell me what you think of it
saw you in the ffx-3 thread,
sign mine when you get a stamp okay?

ok I'm going to sign your Guestbookie
with the Stamp of Hunter X Hunter:angel:

hope to see you around more^_______^
~Arabian princess~
a friend of terminal is always a friend of mine.

hey dude thankz for sygnin my guestbook ill always sygn back neo p.m. me if ya wanna be neo frenz or contact me ok well C-Ya

Long Live The Raptor 660R !

also Long Live The YFZ 450 !!