Well lets see. It's 4:31 AM and I can't sleep. So What the hell....

My Name? Eh if you don't know that already then chances are you never will. Actually the name is Allen, and at the moment I am 18. I am also attending Penn State in the Spring to major in Business/Sports Administration. Oh and I drive a 1990 Wrangler, however it has been completely redone and is now orange, haha oh yes thats right its my baby. Well anyways now onto my NeoBio.

Well I first came here in early 2002 to look for cheats for a video game, as it seems it is for most people. Well I originally stayed around to be a jackass to a certain Moderator called ExtremeMewtwo. Yes thats right, but at the time he was more commonly known as Mewtew41, before the username change. At the time I decided to create an account, and unfortunately chose this username.

Now during my stay at the Pokemon Forums for the first few months I became good friends with but a few members. They were; DarkScizor, MarioMaster02, MagnaAngemon, and Paigne. Flash forward a year and I was still pretty much in the Pokemon Forums, rarely venturing out. However Paigne introduced me to Dynasty Warriors at a point, but more on that later. I developed many more friends in these forums, Octarine Skye, SilverStoneTrainer, Anilones, Dark Magic, Saint Malice, Jax06, TUMOG, BMXPro, and knightkris, and probably more as well. However I soon grew tired of the unrelenting barbarians that continued to infest the PokeForums, and so I decided to give that Dynasty Warriors series Paigne had told me about earlier a try.

From their I learned of a few members as well (yes I am giving some shout outs to some deserving members) - Deathman48, SadXuHuang, MasterZhangHe, Studly Cannon, okumsup, KenshinX, Me Myself and I George Sears, lord monkey, Wu kingdom DianWei04, Strayfire, teal, Dine_Agoti, Han Ning, LordMaChao, Krunal, YuanShiao45, Tres and probably more I have forgotten.

Quite the list, however I grow to know, and befriend some, of these members during my stay over the Dynasty Warriors 4 forum, all the way up until now.

Well after watching the godly Paigne moderate DW4, I got the urge to moderate a DW Forum as well. So when Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires, came out I seized my opportunity, and became moderator. It was probably the most enjoyable time I have had on Neoseeker. The community there was fantastic, and everyone seemed to have a great time with hardly any troublemakers arising. At this point I also made my way back into the pokemon forums with the coming of the General Pokemon Forum. Among myself and Octarine Skye, there were many an avid supporter of this suggestion, and finally Redemption agreed to create it, and wham bam boom, it was done. Octarine Skye, one of my closest mates, still moderates their today.

Now here my Bio takes a tragic turn. I soon stepped down from the Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires Forum as a Moderator, for the activity didn't merit me there anymore, however I found I fell in love with the community and traveled along with everyone to the Dynasty Warriors 5 Forum. After some time spent there I applied to Moderate that forum as well, and I was accepted via Moderator Requests.

During my stay here a new idea was unleashed at Neoseeker, the Portals. Dynasty Warriors was one of the first games to get its own portal, and the staff originally consisted of Dine_Agoti, SadXuHuang, and Deathman48. Over time I suppose I earned my merit and was promoted to Staff Editor (although I believe I was an active supplier to the portal prior, I think Deathman gave me the benefit of the doubt, whether he ever admits it or not).

However one day my house burnt down during my stay at DW4:E. And by down I mean down, gone, done. Unfortunately I didn't live very well for the next few months and I got on a few computers for a few weeks straight and this period transcended into the DW5 Forum Modship. However later on I couldn't get to a computer with Internet Access to let those on Neoseeker know. I also had a family incident, and essentially had no interest in getting back onto Neoseeker even if I could. So I was rightfully demoted from Dynasty Warriors 5, when I was finally able to get on Neoseeker, I explained to the DW Community what had happened and explained that I doubted I would ever come back to Neoseeker as I had a long journey in the real world ahead of me. However I kept, in secret, a hope that I would one day be back and I told Deathman48, that I would be back after an extended leave to help with the Portal yet again. Why he kept me on the staff yet again baffles me. I believe he secretly wishes me to be his lover XD.

Anyways, I recently came back to Neo, just a few weeks ago as a matter of fact. However a whole hell of a lot has changed and I'm not sure what to make of it all. Many members I knew and respected have since gone. There are very few who remain.

So as The NeoWorld Turns, I am continuing my construction with several parts of the Dynasty Warriors Portal, which I urge everyone, (yes the 3.67 average people that will read this Bio why it is here), to visit it.

Well that is pretty much all I care to write. It is now 4:49 AM, and I am still freakin awake, and mightily pissed off.


You don't see just how wild the crowd is? You don't see just how fly my style is?

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Review: Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires - Dynasty Warriors Upgrades to "Empire" Status

Sep 15, 2004

If you are into Strategy, loosen your Purse Strings or Pull out your Wallet and go out and buy this game. If you like the option of slaying thousands of warriors, and even continually slaying the same, re-appearing officers over and over again...


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