Zack_305 gobi1972
Nov 24, 11 11:40pm
Yo watsup! Hahaha seen u around on the forums , keep up the good postings
ieyasu gobi1972
Jun 27, 09 9:22pm
the forum may be technically dead, for now. but it was fun discussing the game w/ you folks! here's hoping that they release the 3rd birthday in no time!

be honored for you are one of the very few persons whom ieyasu has chosen to be given such an awesome stamp featuring the great ol' VIVIIIIIII

ok i'm done!

p.s. i should make an aya brea stamp soon! lol
DQ Maniac gobi1972
Dec 16, 04 5:12am
Mr. Hankey and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

DQ Maniac gobi1972
Oct 28, 04 12:19am
cloud DX36 gobi1972
Mar 18, 04 3:45am
heard you didn't know you didn't have one of these thought I might sing it to show you that obviously you do have one

anyways if you need help with adding color codes see my neohome
Harvest Moon girl gobi1972
Mar 17, 04 3:12am
hi ive seen you around the Kingdom Hearts forum so i decided to sign yuor g-book please sign mine.
oh and do you wanna be my Neo-Friend???PM me
vash_n_spike gobi1972
Jan 18, 04 1:45am
lolz seen u round in the ff7 forum

hey if you want an avatar or sig pic. all ya need to do is ask!

and oh yea


...see you later space cowboy...