I am looking for any legends you have to trade along with a Pinsirite. I have 5IV Noibat, Inkay, Houndour, and Yanma to offer

Yo guys I need a dusclops friend safari asap. Please comment your fc and add me if you do! mine is psychic with sigilyph, gru

Guys I need a dusclops friend safari desperately. I have a psychic safari and my fc is in my sig. I have sigilyph, girafarig,

please need an audino safari. I have psychic with girafarig, grumpig, and sigilyph. my fc is in my sig. Thanks

Looking For a noibat safari. Have a Psychic safari myself with girafarig, grumpig, and sigilyph. FC in sig.

Need some fun and good safaris. Especially want ditto but am open to anything. I have psychic with grumpig, sigilyph, and gir

Hey everyone, i need a ditto safari. I have a Psychic safari with Grumpig, Sigilyph, and Girafirig. My FC is: 0447-6577-5050.

I could really appretiate if anyone who has a ditto friend safari and still has spots open to accept friend codes could add m

When do you guys think that pokecheck will be compatible with 6th gen? does anyone know how long it took for 5th gen and anyo

Like the title says i would like some of my pokes maxed out to level 100 but i don't have an action replay to get rare ca

I am looking for a s/f clamperl hopefully with shell smash already but not necessary. please ut. I have many s/f to offer. Th

does anyone wanna trade and trade back so my kadabra will evolve?

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