Breeze gers_fan_no1
Dec 24, 07 10:33pm

Tehuti gers_fan_no1
Feb 28, 07 9:39pm
When I'm through with you, you'll be found dead in your garage.


The field "Guestbook Entry" does not meet the minimum length of 125 characters
Mitch gers_fan_no1
Feb 17, 07 10:53pm
Bless, you have a guestbook =]

Hopefully you attach a knife to your pen, to make it a kenpipe or something...

Rangers4Life gers_fan_no1
Feb 11, 07 3:46am

Just thought Id sign your GB, since you are a fellow Gers fan, and dont kill your manager off in soms !!
Smudger14 gers_fan_no1
Jan 17, 07 2:54am

And now I'm just filling the word count...
Still trying to fill the work count...
lazio gers_fan_no1
Dec 25, 06 8:43am

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Rudi_9 gers_fan_no1
Dec 20, 06 5:25am
Well Scott, you've spammed your way to a Mod's place within what, 6 months? hehe I'm jokin, you're doin' a great job and I hope you have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

P.S - Hope you get the new Broons/Oor Wullie book from Santa, I hope I do =D

curly fries dude gers_fan_no1
Dec 20, 06 3:20am
Well, its the time of year when everybody goes around saying merry Cristmas, so I have decided to join in with them!

Hope you like the stamp!

Seeyou around, and SIGN BACK! lol

ilovefootball gers_fan_no1
Dec 18, 06 5:36am

Merry Christmas dude and a Happy New Year
ViNCeNZo gers_fan_no1
Dec 18, 06 4:14am

And keep up the good work on the FM forum, you're doing a fine job.
tidus04 gers_fan_no1
Dec 10, 06 2:02am

Just saying thanks for helping me out and doing the legs work for us =P

AvantGarde gers_fan_no1
Nov 10, 06 3:56am

Congratulations on the promotion to FM07 with OOTER. Good luck with that. Sign back, or the ghost of PGTips will come and haunt you for eternity - and boy, you don't want that...
mutd boy gers_fan_no1
Nov 9, 06 2:39am
Congrats on gettin the FM07 mod spot

Couldn't have gone to a better scotsman

Hopefully you can keep order around the 07 forums and around OOTER

Good luck, all the best mate.
westy_1990 gers_fan_no1
Oct 2, 06 5:12am

Thanks for the brilliant stamp you created for me (shown below):

It is just what i was looking for.

Thanks again and i'll see you around.
levrev2 gers_fan_no1
Sep 9, 06 9:19pm
hey on a signing spree and decided to sign yours cos your a good member of the fm forum and a alright guy
Will gers_fan_no1
Aug 31, 06 3:51am
Hola. Just signing because your a good member off the FM forum, you big spamasaures lol.

Also you support a good team, Rangers are big over here, so are Celtic but *bleep* them. Been many off times to Ibrox (more than Anfield if I'm honest)

Rangers flag on my wall FTW.

Something for you to look at;

Sign back.
Breeze gers_fan_no1
Aug 20, 06 12:48am
Hi Gers

You're one of the FM regulars and seem to be an alright guy so I thought I would pop along and give your guestbook a little sign.

Anyway, you are now a proud member of:

How are you doing?
Joe2468 gers_fan_no1
Jul 27, 06 2:00am
Thought I'd sign your guestbook! Forget about Rangers, support a real team like Leeds Utd!
mattneiland gers_fan_no1
Jul 26, 06 4:15pm
ignore the title of the previous one lol
pressed the wrong one

mattneiland gers_fan_no1
Jul 26, 06 4:13pm
alright mate,
just thought i'd sign this as i am bored. i'm sure your best friend, the portugese guy will sign too. bet your looking forward to reading what he has to say lol
n e way