When I'm through with you, you'll be found dead in your garage.


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Bless, you have a guestbook =]

Hopefully you attach a knife to your pen, to make it a kenpipe or something...

Just thought Id sign your GB, since you are a fellow Gers fan, and dont kill your manager off in soms !!

And now I'm just filling the word count...
Still trying to fill the work count...

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Well Scott, you've spammed your way to a Mod's place within what, 6 months? hehe I'm jokin, you're doin' a great job and I hope you have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

P.S - Hope you get the new Broons/Oor Wullie book from Santa, I hope I do =D

Well, its the time of year when everybody goes around saying merry Cristmas, so I have decided to join in with them!

Hope you like the stamp!

Seeyou around, and SIGN BACK! lol


Merry Christmas dude and a Happy New Year

And keep up the good work on the FM forum, you're doing a fine job.

Just saying thanks for helping me out and doing the legs work for us =P


Congratulations on the promotion to FM07 with OOTER. Good luck with that. Sign back, or the ghost of PGTips will come and haunt you for eternity - and boy, you don't want that...
Congrats on gettin the FM07 mod spot

Couldn't have gone to a better scotsman

Hopefully you can keep order around the 07 forums and around OOTER

Good luck, all the best mate.

Thanks for the brilliant stamp you created for me (shown below):

It is just what i was looking for.

Thanks again and i'll see you around.
hey on a signing spree and decided to sign yours cos your a good member of the fm forum and a alright guy
Hola. Just signing because your a good member off the FM forum, you big spamasaures lol.

Also you support a good team, Rangers are big over here, so are Celtic but *bleep* them. Been many off times to Ibrox (more than Anfield if I'm honest)

Rangers flag on my wall FTW.

Something for you to look at;

Sign back.
Hi Gers

You're one of the FM regulars and seem to be an alright guy so I thought I would pop along and give your guestbook a little sign.

Anyway, you are now a proud member of:

How are you doing?
Thought I'd sign your guestbook! Forget about Rangers, support a real team like Leeds Utd!
ignore the title of the previous one lol
pressed the wrong one

alright mate,
just thought i'd sign this as i am bored. i'm sure your best friend, the portugese guy will sign too. bet your looking forward to reading what he has to say lol
n e way