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I love this game. It was my first GameBoy game I bought on my own. PokemonBlue GBC
Great game. Short, but awesome. You can play through it a lot, and never get bored. SuperMarioLand26GoldenCoins GBC
This is such a great game. The GameBoy Mega Man games just got better and better. MegaManDrWilysRevenge GBC
Not as good as CTR, but still a great game. It's a little slower than CTR, but fans of CTR will still like it. CrashNitroKart Xbox
I originally played this on the PC. It's better on the PC, but the PSX version delivers as well. This game stole my life. CommandandConquer PSX
This is probably my second favorite PS3 game, however, the game isn't anything great compared to the old ones, but it isn't bad either. CommandandConquerRedAlert3 PS3
One of the best games I have ever played. Racing is fun, tricking out pods is even better, and there are so many unlockables. I'm... Episode1Racer PC
Good game, though in a huge way, a big rip off of Pokemon. Still, this game is fun, and definitely worth owning. My copy is actually... MonsterRancherBattleCardGB GBC
Believe it or not, this is probably my second favorite Mega Man game of all time, next to Mega Man 2, of course. MegaManXtreme2 GBC
It's basically a remake of Megaman X and X2, shoved into one game. MegaManXtreme GBC
Nothing beats this game. I think it's the only Action RPG you can get on the original GameBoy and GBC, that also has a leveling system.... FinalFantasyAdventure GBC
One of my favorite Game Boy games. I love the China themed level's music. SuperMarioLand GBC
I've only played the prologue of Keats story so far, but I am already loving this game! Folklore PS3

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