hmm dunno really what to say here...well I usually don't know what to say anyway xD

I work at a cinema and have to deal with the f**king public moans and groans. Even though Im only part time worker it feels like my schedule for the day goes quick *blames amy...well actually more like A.C2* I tend to wake up at 3pm now, instead of the once 11am, and can't seem to fall asleep until 5am. I usually have work at 6pm so yea its kinda depressing really sleeping all day and then leaving to get to work on time. And I usually end up squeazing play time in once I get back from work. So yea of late life is on a repeat

TBH I don't really tend to do much else apart from work or sleep and then fill any hour I can get with videogames. On the odd occation when there are no games to be played and nothing to do net wise I try and draw....or think of things to do but never get round to it. So in that way Im lazy.


anime, videogames....trying to draw....kai ¦D

Im into various sorts of anime but I tend to just watch what ever Amy suggests

J-dramas are funny to watch too which I thank Jo for.

Videogames are mostly horror or RPG types (Final Fantasy, resident evil, project zero,)

But oh my god assassin creed 2 *wants to hug Ezio* ¦D so love that game, but hell once I completed the storyline I was depressed...maybe the lack of satisfaction...or the fact that I spent 13 hours straight on it and now have no other games to play *doesn't feel like playing L4D2*
I love A.C2 and was awesome to play...but after the storyline ya just go back into the A.C1 routine of collecting stuff *bloody feathers, and why a 100! what the hell is Ezio's mum gonna do with 100 feathers! >_<*

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