I am to lazy to make a very good stamp, so I just added some text to this pic I was wanki-I mean looking at:
Yo, new stamp, I made the whole thing myself, I even got the image by my own “means” if you understand ,anyway stampy stampy stampy!

I just gotta new stamp, so I am signing all my neo-friends guestbooks, here ya go!

You wanted me to sign your guestbook, so here I am. Later!

Peace Out!

~Have a nice day,
Why did you have to put me down like that?I not giving you my stamp now.Not enough......................................there that should do it.

high times
I feel so fine
stiggidy booms
gonna make you high

Testing, Testing, Testing...
<>Gas bar not finish<>

you wernt the first in my guest book. someone i didnt even know signed my guest book. i guess i do have friends(falls over cryin in self pity)