Willow geggaboo
Apr 18, 06 7:55pm
To a fellow Buffyist-

(you stole evil Willow but I forgive you)

lotsa love from the only Willow on neo.

gonzab geggaboo
Mar 25, 06 8:59pm
Hey men long time we don't talk. But now i'm back to neoseeker, and i have a new stamp

hope you like it
Link1724 geggaboo
Aug 4, 05 4:03am
hi mate how are you, just signing everyones guestbooks with new stamp so see ya
kotor93 geggaboo
Jul 8, 05 6:31am
hi geggaboo. seen you around in the forums. anyway, just thought i'd sign your guestbook. 6 pages is something to be proud of. i only have one signature :0

see ya in the forums. sign back if you want
Prime Hunter geggaboo
Jun 24, 05 10:24am
Wazup dude,, I saw you around the forums and I thougfht I'd come here and sign... Sorry, I don't have graphics programs so, my new stamp will take a LOOONG time.. anyways sign back (if you want) or PM me (i'd really apreciate that) or.. I dunno, do whatever you want...
Link1724 geggaboo
Jun 19, 05 6:35pm
hiya mate hope u dont mind but am just signin ur guest book to make it look like u hav mates
naa only jokin with ya

Big Willie geggaboo
Jun 18, 05 10:03am

Seriously though your stamp is killing my computer and I have DSL! You can use that pic if you want. I'm just signing your guestbook again to tell you I deleted the one you put on mine because like I said its killing my computer. Feel free to sign back with the new image though!
Big Willie geggaboo
Jun 12, 05 10:33am
Signing back! Here's a preview of my new banner. You're Big Willie Approved!
King Of Narnia geggaboo
Jun 7, 05 12:44am
BO! Ineedydooldy you need a taco friend.

OOOoooooooooooh 5 pages of guestbook eh? Well arent you a popular little boy.

I only have 1 :-(

Sees you around.
Billy_Bunny geggaboo
Jun 5, 05 7:01am
...Sorry, I know you like 'em...

Anyway... BOO! I'm KON's girlfriend, that's about the only reason why I'm ever (if ever) on KOTOR forum, and I like your cat idea, so add another post to your guestbook...

I would stamp you, but... I don't have the time or care enough... have... A wave instead *waves*

I suck... Bye!
King Of Narnia geggaboo
May 10, 05 3:35am
Okay you have some really odd posts in your guestbook. And most of them seem to be from the same person.

Thats a little sad you know.

Only joking, see ya around.
Link1724 geggaboo
May 5, 05 1:01am
g'day mate how u been heres my brand new stamp which i got today hope u like it cos if u dont "I'll hunt you down and gut you like a FISH"

see ya round mate
bye bye
Kafani geggaboo
May 4, 05 9:04am
To geggaboo:

He claims to be the man but this bitch is still a queen
So when I cut off his head I’ll use his own guillotine

Your faggoty ass is curious, wants to see who rhymes sicker
My bars light forest fires and yours barely even flicker
Couldn’t catch this next metaphor, too slow I’m much quicker
Tryin to talk fly but you keep more dick behind your teeth than a zipper

You ain’t burnin shit even with a arsonist you ain’t afire
Imaginin you winnin theres more chance of rollin a square tire

It’s impossible to beat me, no chance like a Muslim eating bacon
Better wear your bike helmet cuz my punches are facebreakin

My punches are shattering you watchin your face dismatterin
Face particles are scattering and hittin the floor splatterin

My bars just smashed your face this nip/tuck leave your nose misplaced
Tuck your tail and leave this place I’m leavin your sorry ass disgraced

I smell a stench the master chief is about to skunk you with these votes
You gotta learn the game, you can't win by givin the judges deep-throats

This bitch starving like Marvin so screw votin for his loss
Not figuratively but literally is a bone he wants you to toss
redsleighdown geggaboo
May 4, 05 3:33am
Hello there. I aint been on in a long time so I thought I refresh all of your memories by stamping you so you dont forget me lol cya soon
Link1724 geggaboo
Apr 29, 05 4:33am
hi geggaboo i just wanna let u know i hate u
I hate u
lol only messin with ya how been m8

see ya later
redsleighdown geggaboo
Apr 5, 05 4:12am
Thought Id stamp all of my neo friends so you gotta stamp me back because I need to fill up my guestbook
redsleighdown geggaboo
Apr 3, 05 4:37am

Hiya. I aint been on in a while so I thought I'd send you a little pic to say hello again.
BahamutX geggaboo
Dec 21, 04 12:05pm
Hello there. My name is Devan and I am proud to be a slave of GallantmonX. You know, GallantmonX is the coolest guy you would ever meet. He also treats me special and always remembers to feed me =^.^= I am extremely happy and thankful for GX because he is an amazing guy. If it wasnt for him, I wouldnt even here because he makes me feel special ^^;

Anywho, I have signed your guestbook with love. With love from me to you, and for my gratitude for GX. Also, I would love to add that he is really cool, and taught me everything I know to this day ^____^. One more thing, KSheth is a big idiot. GallantmonX pwns him in every possible way, all because GX is amazingly cool and KSheth is a suck. So, peace out, friend. I hope I have passed on the message of how awesome GallantmonX is, and by reading this, you just have found out how much I was pwned... but I am still GX's bitch and im lovin it ^_____^

Your guestbook has been signed because you are ghey, and inevitable to GX. That is, with the exception of these people, you are an insignificant oddest

These people are as follows: Sosai X, Satokasu Suki, Dark Link, KSheth, Vex the Pirate

Everyone else, you bastards are all teh suXXors, and I hope you all die a fiery death. ^^;;

GallantmonX roxxors by boxxors! =D
Angel Blade geggaboo
Nov 27, 04 12:37am

I just woke up from sleeping, yet trying to avoid his ghost at the same time. I stayed up till 3 AM for once. Must be from the turkey and Apple Cider. Have fun and see ya around.

Angel Blade27
The Arabian princess geggaboo
Nov 26, 04 9:04pm
Signing spree

MaX Simpsons geggaboo
Nov 20, 04 9:32pm
hey seen u round sum final fantasy x-2 forums top game thought i should sign your guest book so here i am hope you likie them

sign back and hope we can be friends in the future
redsleighdown geggaboo
Nov 18, 04 3:11am

redsleighdown geggaboo
Nov 15, 04 5:32am

Destroy all of these survivors.....

Hope you enjoy this wanted poster by Redsleighdown!
redsleighdown geggaboo
Nov 11, 04 9:19pm

Redsleighdown is hacking you computer. Be aware!!!!!!!!!!!
redsleighdown geggaboo
Nov 10, 04 3:10am

Another unusual stamp of mine to add to yuor collect friend of mine who says on neoseeker his name is private and dosent want anyone to know but I know your name....Geggaboo. Hope you like the stamp.