Well, first of all let me say that I am not trying to sound like I think I am "all that" and my way of thinking is the only way. I am just stating my opinion. I am not asking you to agree or to even appreciate what I have to say.

~Regarding Loungin'~
Well, I don't know exactly what went on. But from what I do know, I have 1 word: CHILDISH. I can't believe that people actually take time to fight on the net, even if the fight is a joke. And this isn't even just about Neoseeker. Just take any chatroom, forum, or anyplace where you deal with people from the computer screen. Who the *bleep* would want to waste time fighting on the internet? (I know Felony and Audacity's was fake, that's not what I am referring to)GET A LIFE!!! There is a real world out there people, I promise. I have found it amazing since I have been coming to Neoseeker to look for gaming tips. You people act like Neoseeker, or even the net is a whole world. You worry about what people on here think of you, you get caught up in drama with people THAT YOU DON'T EVEN REALLY KNOW! (for the most part at least)
Learn to deal with real people. There isn't always a "Logout" or "Shutdown" button that you can press to escape conflicts.

I am not saying that if you spend time in chatrooms you are a loser. Not by a long shot. Hell, I like to go and chat occasionally. I am reffering to those people who take things on the net way to *bleep*ing seriously. I am talking about the people whose lives revolve around the internet. You might be calling me a hypocrite right now. All I am doing is just giving you something to think about.


~Updated 4-18-06~

Well, I have been banned which I still don't know why, so I can't post. Therefore, I am going to make some statements regarding the fight in Loungin' and some other issues. If you wanna send hatemail, be my guest. But anyway, I reccomend you read the following. Mabey it will make you think a little bit.


You Suck
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I just loved this game a lot. What brought my attention to this game was of course people talking about how gory and disturbing it is. They were right. I just loved how disturbing it was; the graphics really kept me hooked. The story was also...

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