I love my Ninty Wii ^^ <3 WiiHardware Wii
It's okay if you have your friends round. MarioParty8 Wii
It was the original sims? I think I had On Holiday, it was fun but I didn't play when my Sim died and I freaked out since I was about 6. TheSims PC
Bought it, got rid of it a month later because it was too easy to complete and online was awful. PokemonBattleRevolution Wii
Definitely the best MMO to date. WorldOfWarcraft PC
My favourite Pokemon game. I couldn't rave about this more if I tried! PokemonSilver GBC
A great remake to Red and Blue! PokemonLeafGreen GBA
Brilliant comeback from Professor Layton! Still carries the same charm and charisma as the first! ProfessorLaytonandTheDiabolicalBox DS
Wonderful, plot comes together perfectly and the puzzles really get the brain working! ProfessorLaytonandTheCuriousVillage DS
Who doesn't love a bit of mario? SuperMarioSunshine GC
Basically 'A Wonderful Life' on the gamecube, but on the DS, it's still a good game though! HarvestMoonDS DS
The best MMO I have ever played, doesn't get boring after level 20 which I found with most free MMO's. You really get what you pay for! WorldOfWarcraft PC
Love this game, great to play on your own, online and with friends! MarioKartWii Wii
Ever so relaxing, best version of Animal Crossing to date! AnimalCrossingWildWorld DS
Takes about a week to fully complete, kinda fun, but not fun? PokemonChannel GC
It's the sims with a story line. TheSimsBustinOut Xbox
Good game, easy to complete and has a good story TheUrbzSimsInTheCity Xbox
Love this game, definate recommend to any harvest moon fan! HarvestMoonBackToNature PSX

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